Phono preamp vs no phono preamp

I have a Kenwood KA-701 with 2 phono inputs. 1. Do I need a phono preamp? 2. If the answer is yes or maybe I would consider buying the Schiit Mani and would be hooking it up to a Project dc carbon.  3. What input on the Kenwood would I use?

Thank you
The KA-701 has a phono stage with 2 inputs. Sensitivity is 2.5 mv. It will work well with MM and HOMC cartridges. No need for an external phono stage. Use it as is - it will sound fine!
Use either phono input. Just make sure you have a ground wire from your TT connected to the ground terminal on the back. For a cartridge I'd recommend a high-output mc - Dynavector or Hana.
Thank you for your advice. For clarity, I have a Project DC Carbon with a stock Ortofon Red cartridge/stylus.
Red is a high output moving magnet and will work fine. If you do buy an external phono pre, wire its output into Aux not into Phono.
I've tried a couple of externals including schiit mani which is recommended and sounded very good w/my Nagaoka mp 110 cart. which I have on Audio Technica ATLP5. I recently got an Emotiva PA-100 preamp to match an Emotiva Bas-x A150 amp. I hooked up my mani and was getting hum but I think it was the cables: Monoprice. So I ran TT directly to phono pre-amp on PA-100 and I could hardly tell any difference except there was no hum. So I think I'll stick w/built in preamp on PA-100. As far as advising. there are a lot of variables and different combinations--it's a crapshoot.
So far, based on what I'm reading, it almost falls into the category of if it ain't broke don't fix it.  I think I will use the preamp budget money and add it to the Tekton Lores that I would like to get. Thanks all