Best musical sub around $1k

Looking for some advices on sub.

I am deciding between Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor + sub or go full range and get Cremona. If I were to go with Auditor + sub, I will need to keep the cost down for my decision to make sense, hence the $1k budget. I like the stregth of mini-monitor - imaging, better coherence (2-way vs. 3-way), and easier placement. But Auditor needs to play loud to sound full range and I don't have that option most of the time due to my power amp (BAT VK-75SE) and small kids. So getting the Auditor will require a sub for my need.

So what sub will you recommend? I had a REL Stadium III before, but price is out of my range right now. Cremona sub is also too expensive. Are the smaller REL as good as Stadium III or I am better off getting an older Stadium (II ?)

Or to complicate the issue further, get a floor standing Cremona instead?
I've gone through numerous $1000 subs and each one (although better in some way than the last) kept me wanting for it all in a single sub. It wasn't until I hit the $1700 +/- mark that I no longer think about the sub. My sub has a REL-clone amp and two 10" cones opposite 3each other (one active-one passive). I now believe that the Speakon connection to the speaker taps along with an LFE connection silmultaneously used provides the most complete performance for both music and HT. I'll never go back to a single connection.My opinion is: save your money and buy the REL or comparable of your dreams.
Mt10425, so the sub you are referring is a DIY or something I can buy? Other than REL, what else is comparable? Thanks in advance.
Mine is an Art of sound "Tycus". I've matched with Tannoy Mx series speakers.
Running a PSB Subsonic 7 here. 330 watt on-board amp, 15" sub. I have it crossed over at around 45hz which picks up where the PSB Silver i's start to really die off.

To be honest, it's really a lot more than I need. Musically, it does quite well down to a reported 25 hz and reproduces heavy bass notes with ease at my listening levels.

Then at $600 (open box return, list at $1k) I think I got a steal.
A pair of these are under $1,000

Try listening to a Boston Accoustics PV1000. Small, powerful and musical... they sell for about $750.00 used and have a nice look to them.
I'll enter a vote for the ACI Titan. It is very musical and Mike D at ACI is a joy to work with
Thanks for the reply so far. I have heard good thing about ACI Titan, but the look is rather unconventional. Will need to check out PSB and Boston Acoustic as well.

Not hearing much about smaller REL like Storm or Strata. I have read before Stadium is where the fun begins, is that true and my money is better spend on other sub instead of smaller REL?
Vandersteen 2WQ new at $1400, used about $800.00. But you do have to spring for the fixed filters; try and find aftermarket which are made with higher quality parts than OEM. 3, 8" w40 oz magnets. 300 w onboard amp.
Adireaudio RAVA SE. Is going to be hard to beat...for the $$
I have a chance to buy a Storm III for a little over $1k, but heard Stadium III is a big step above and I am debating if I should save up more to move to a Stadium instead. Will Stadium III be worth the extra $1k or will I be equally happy with the subs recommended above?

I know Stadium is a fine sub, but at $2k+ used, total price with monitor speakers is pushing very close to floor standing speakers. To me, sub is an accessory that never works well 100% of the time. Sub + monitor will never rival floor standing speakers in integration or coherence, so spending this much money on an accessory is really a tough sell to me.

Did I just answer my own question?
I am also looking into a new sub. The SVS pb2+ is making a big splash right now. I would like to know how it is musical.

If you go with Rel I would recommend the Strata before the Storm, but the Stadium is very nice :)
i would have to say the best sub in this price range would have to be def tech's super cube 2.. if you could afford the super cube 1 that would be awesome but the super cube will knock your socks off..
Just picked up a REL Strata under $1k to match with my Sonus Faber Grand Piano's and it made a SIGNIFICANT difference. The result was much more than what I've expected, with increased dynamics, more holographic imagery/airy, and the ability to produce tight/punchy/fast bass with great definition and clarity. I would say it's a seamless integration to my GP's. Probably one of my best upgrades in addition to the Cary cdp. I totally recommend it.
The ACI Titan is a great sub. It is very musical and fast