best matching gears with Virgos, help please.

hi, folks,
I am about to buy a pair of Virgos, please advice me aobut
the matching gears? such as SS or Tubes pre and amp? how to place them?etc.

Hi Tim -- from my (past) experience. Virgos placed well into the room (around 30% of total length from back wall), around 25% of room width from side walls. You can listen nearfield (Mr Joachim likes that) if you wish.

Equipment: Virgos are deceptively small and sensitive. A powerful quality amp is not overkill -- I mean power as in amps/current/pushing capability: not necessarily a 1000W Accuphase, but good power reserves. This will bring out lower-mids beautifully and help create a large soundstage. Pre should be fast and detailed and "musical" to your ears. Don't skimp on the pre: the Virgo are quite precise transducers and not very forgiving of "muddiness".

Cables that are fast & detailed and far as possible contribute minimum (perceptible) sonic signature are best -- aren't they always... Your ears are the best judge here (I was using spm & bearlabs at the time -- but there are many choices, most available used)

SS or tube? IMO, the tube would be more expensive for the power/quality combination you require. On the SS side, fast and dynamic sound (as long as musicality and rythm are there) can keep you happy. I had Symphonic Line -- but, again, many choices out there. The Pathos hybrid also produced beautiful tunes with a tube hue to them. But then, a CAT pre with its pairing stereo amp was much better (and far more expensive!).

Great speakers, good luck!

thank you for these decent advice. what a surprise, I am a
Symphonic Line(RGI MKIII) user too, I also use RG3MKIII
pre amp form Symphonic Line, I am not sure whether these pre and amp will match well with VirgoII?(BTW, I am using Spendor s100 for the past 6 yrs, good speakers!)
I LOVE Spymonic Lines, if they can match well with Virgo, then I will be very happy.(do you match SL with tube pramp? how does it sound to you)
thanks again.

As far as matching goes that's your taste and budget.Ruleof thumb is that (and some may disagree) that the amp will have a greater bearing on sound than pre.Tubes give better mids but can soften or roll off frequency extension.I am a tube guy and have a SS pre and a tube amp.Many will go the other way for more bass control less tweaking/expense (you need to bias your power tubes once a month whereas you don't have to do it with pre.Pre tube will last 3-5K hrs whereas power tubes will last 2K and are more xepnsive to replace).If you are a value hound there is a Cary SLI-80 Intergrated for $1750 used on 'Gon right now.Even at $3K list hard to beat for $3K.As far as placement go to Audio Physics web site at and see if you can have them email or mail you their excellent pamphlet "Principles and Techniques of Speaker Placement".AP's are one speaker you will read are ones that are partial to placement along a long wall of a rectangular room.Get back in touch with me if you have a couple of ideas already and want feedback or if you have a price range to work with.
I am currently using the Rowland M-6 amp in Stereo with the Virio III's. The sound and the soundstage is awesome. I have also heard these speakers with the Rogue Audio tube gear. The sound was also very good. They are wonderful speakers. You are to be comended on making a wise decision for your speaker selection.

I'm using my Virgos with SF Line 3 preamp and Blue Circle BC2 amps, SPM ICs and FIM Gold SC. I'm very happy with the sound, but I find merit in Gregm's argument - a litte more power than the 75WPC of my Blue Circles may go a long way to giving more immediacy and slam to the sound. The Blue Circles never clip though, even at high volume, so I guess they do accomplish the job well enough. My understanding is the the Virgos don't require odles of power, but do benefit from such an approach. I don't have enough experience with preamps to make a good case for choice of SS over tubes, but I can attest to the virtue of using fast, transparent cabling. I've used a lot of good cables on the Virgos and SPM interconnects won the day hands down. Good luck with your speakers - they're great performers.
thanks folks.

I am using Kimber and Ensemble interconnect and marigo power
cords. many users have pointed out SPM is a great match with Virgos. I have not tried SPM before, I wonder what else IC will be suitable?
how about the AP subwoofer? any recommendation? or Virgos
will be sufficient?

Hi Tim, just saw yr post (was away). The AP sub is nice & precise to my ears -- but am not sure you need to invest in extra bass just now. A lot depends upon room size & speaker positioning: you may be able to play with room interaction with the Virgo's woofers.
Instead, you may wish to consider upgrading to a RG7 amp. IMO the RG3/III is very musical with hi's "like angels", and it pairs with the 7 wonderfully (or so Mr Gemein says - I agree). Also, play with positioning the 3 (a Neuance shelf, for example) & its power supply: on cones, on its side, etc.
hi, Gregm,

I wonder is bi-wireable Virgo more recent version? The seller told me they are only 3-4 yrs old? but they are single posting.
As you mentioned, i put 3 Diamond racing cone under 3 power supply, and it made a huge improvement!! the sound oped up!!I do not know how to put cones on its side?
BTW, I am thinking replace my RG1 with RG4 in the future,
have you heard any RG4 from Symphonic Line or its tube preamp?

thank jbm and outlier for the decent advise
Happy "Horse" New Year!!