best hybrid integrated amp 100wpc or more

looking for an integrated with some power

got to have a touch of tubes

look at the Unison Research hybrid line.

Good stuff.
Pathos Logos might do the trick.

Two more come to mind, firstly LSA Signature and statement, 150watts as I remember. Secondly and harder to find, the AcousticPlan Sitar, only 50watts, but a really nice, detailed sound. I have heard both at shows and could live with either. The Pathos and Unison Research are good too. We do seem to be getting a lot of good integrated amps now. Manufacturers seem to be taking them more seriously, even Nelson Pass.
The Pathos is one of the units that has my interest.

I don't if has the bottom end control though.

I've checked into the UNICO and every former dealer has bashed them in regards to reliability and informed that there is no US distributor anymore.

The LSA/DK is also on the list.

I'd really love to hear more about the Pathos Logos

i heard a vincent hybrid that was really outstanding and reasonably priced--less that $1k.
I own a Pathos Classic One with app 65 wpc. I use it to drive SF Cremonas which are a reasonably demanding load. The match works very well (looks great, too) and bottom end control is not an issue. I've never heard a Logos, so I can't say for sure that it will share this quality. You might want to call Kevin at Upscale Audio in Upland, Ca. I bought my Classic from him some years back. He also handles the Unico and Cary (which I'm sure has a model that meets your description, too) lines. He's a good guy and - even though a dealer is never a truly disinterested party - worth seeking advice from.

I have recently added a pair of Vincent SP-T800 monoblocks (replacing much more expensive all tubed monoblocks) and I am extremely shocked and pleased with these Vincent amps. They have a tubed front end (1x 12AU7, 1x 6922, 2x 6N6) and solid state (200 watts) output. They were also very favorable reviewed (Dec 08 I think) in Absolute Sound by Dick Olsher. I've been playing these for about a month now and they are really wonderful. I'll eventually write a review when I get more listening time on them.

The thing that puts me off on the Vincent models is that some of them use odd tube types and also, I believe some of them solder the tubes right to the pc board instead of using tube sockets so they can be replaced when they wear out. But I haven't been able to find too much useful information in this area because Vincent's website is not the best for providing such information.

All I know is that I'd be very upset if I unknowingly bought a hybrid amp and found my tubes soldered directly to the board...
The SP-T800's tubes are in the usual tube sockets. Check out the Audio Advisor web site - you can see a picture of the interior.
BAT can drive Thiels with aplomb i've heard. check it out.
Disregard the Counterpoint.Sorry,Bob