Best hi-fi salon 'round

Alright! Let's hear it.

A lot of you's guys do some traveling.
If you're anything like me you'll look up the local hi-end shops where ever you are, pay a visit, and experience the presentation of product lines not available for audition in your area. In addition, you'll extract as much knowledge out of the sales guys as possible, and even test them a bit. Secretly reveling in your nonchalant "stumping" of supposed "masters of the trade."

In your experience:

What's the best you've heard?
Who's had the most impressive auditionioning rooms?
Where can you find the most knowledgable associates?

In short: What is the Best hi-fi salon 'round?

P.S. I sure like Steve and his "heard" at the Hi-Fi Farm in Virginia.
there is so many excellent manufacturers out there these days. in my thirty years of saying that i'm an audiophile, i've visited from atlanta to new york on east coast . i think with all the great manufacuters and the stores that are being rebuilt or remodeled is very important to remember that when listening to a system, it is very important to listen in a room with one system only to get a real close sense of how the system sounds at home and in my traveling , the owners want to have all the best and off so much more than in the past that they overlook the purist form of being able to do so with the single go into a busines today and they have even thirty thousand dollar systems with other thirty thousand dollars systems in the same room , today there is no one doing the purist in evaluating . i know this doesn't answer your question and please allow me this paragraph...does anyone in this thread know of a buiness that does that...but while in north carolina, raleigh, go to audio advice.....
Progressive Audio in Columbus, OH has the most impressive store I've visited. Three floors in a renovated old mansion. The rooms are more like a typical house than a store. The sales people are also friendly and knowledgeable and don't follow you around like a lost puppy! Great place to window shop.
Thanks Pmotz, that's the place I was trying to remember! I knew it was in Columbus, OH but couldn't remember the name. You can listen in there all day long if you like, incredible equipment, incredible rooms.
Audio Consultants, Evanston, Illinois. Great selection, knowledgeable salespeople who have made careers there, and an owner who's absolutely tops.
I have to give a vote to Soundex in Willow Grove, PA and The House Of Music in Jenkintown, PA. They both allowed my children to sit with a dvd (that they chose) playing in a home theater room while I listened peacefully in an audio room. No hassles, no hovering over/around for my children or myself.
note: I realise that House of Music is geared toward HT, not HiFi but I did get to check out hifi and I appreciated it.
Check out "Sounds Like Music" in Phoenix/Scottdale Arizona. Ask for Ken...he'll hook you up. Brand new "State of the Art " everything. The entry wall is one LARGE video monitor with music rocking. Largest LINN dealer in the US. If it is junk...they don't have it. Only the best of everything.
Hawthorne Stereo in Seattle has a nice set up. The store isn't fancy, but you can get a demo with only one set of speakers in the room. This eliminates the problem of other speakers resonating with the pair being demoed. They also have a great used section.

The store is on a block that has five Hi-Fi stores and a great used record store. Check em out if you're in Seattle.
Have to say. These salons,also have the best room set up for the systems you are listing to. Do not expect the system to sound the same in your room with out there treatment.1 Overture Wilmington DE. 2 Progresive Audio Columbus OH. 3 Soundex Willow Grove PA.