Best gain clone/T-amp option

Looking for:

- Power amp only - no attenuator, please.
- At least 20 clean watts into 8 ohms.
- Price: under $1000 new.
- Input impedance at least 100K ohms

For 2nd system/experimentation.

Seems like there are lots of chip/T amps around that are either 1) DIY only and/or 2) Come in integrated form only.

Virtue Audio looks very interesting - probably best option if no non-attenuatored amp shows up.
You might try contacting Tim Rawson. I'm not sure he's still building amps, but if he is he can probably do something that fits both your specs and your budget. I own one of his amps and, while it doesn't look like much, sounds terrific. Tim is also very helpful and easy to work with.

Monarchy Audio SM-70 or SM-70Pro is a nice, compact class-A amp.

Channel Islands Audio VMB-1 mono-block chip amps are also very good.

I've owned and enjoyed both of the above.