Best full orchestra recordings?

In my travels to hi-fi shops I've listened to some recordings of full orchestra works, but my music collection suffers from a conspicuous absence of such recordings. I have what looks like a "greatest hits" kind of collection in this area (Copeland, Stravinsky. etc.). Since putting together a high-end system I am much more appreciative of these types of recordings. I know there's a wealth of information out there: any recommendations of orchestral works, new or old, that should be in one's collection?
One of my favorites is Neeme Jarvi conducting the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in work of Zoltan Kodaly, i.e., Hary Janos Suite, Peacock Variations and Dances of Galanta on the Chandos label. This is one of my reference recordings for rolling tubes because it contains a wealth of orchestral color across the aural spectrum.
The Asturias in a Japanese pressing - absolutely explosive in the orchestral arrangement!
Name a composer, or a few composers, that you have really enjoyed and you'll get more meaningful recommendations. If you just want reference sound a general recommendation would be most anything from Reference Recordings.
If your system includes SACD, I would definitely try some of the following Living Stereo releases.

Mussorgsky - Pictures at an Exhibition
Bartok - Concerto for Orchestra
Rimsky-Korsakov - Scheherezade
Offenbach - Gaite Parisienne
Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue

Many of the other are good as well. And the RBCD layer probably beats 95% of the non-Hi-Rez classical releases.
Jduridan, I couldn't agree more. That is a truly fantastic CD both in terms of sonics and interpretation.
Add to that list the fantastic Beethoven violin converto by Heifetz, conducted by Munch.
Which recording of the Symphonic Dances? Everyone seems to tout the Johanos/Nonesuch(or Classic or MF) but I prefer Ashkenazy/Decca or the Previn/EMI. The latter is a little too full in the midbass but otherwise big and spacious.
Kr4, I agree. IMHO, Ashkenazy/Decca by a considerable margin. It comes with a very good Isle of the Dead as well.

In fact, I prefer his Symphonies as well. They are just more taut than Previn's, and most others except Pletnev, which suits me fine. His PC's w/ Previn are also excellent as are their Suites for 2 pianos. Even Ashkenazy's solo piano works are excellent. Ashkenazy rules Rachmaninoff! or at least almost rules. :-)
Yes, Ashkenazy is more taut but there's something about Previn's Symphony #1 and the Dances that is lacking in Ashkenazy's otherwise superb recordings.

Rites of Spring/stravinsky,Gergiev cond.
Symphony fantastic/berlioz, Gergiev
Symphony #5 /Shostakovitch w/ Davis or Jarvi Neema
Sibelius Symphonies with Vanska conducting also Beethoven with Vanska.
These are but a few of the excellent orchestral recording some are available in sacd format.
My favorite is the XRCD of Reiner conducting Bartok's "Concerto for Orchestra." Hard to beat for interpretation and sound.