Best Digital RCA cable under $100 new or used?

What say ye? Comparisons/observations in this price range?
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I should add this is for a low cost second system between a Grant Dac9 and a Denon 2900. The budget is tight for this system. I am now using a Radio Shack one meter ($20) that sounds good at times but the music breaks up periodically and looses smoothness. I am betting it is jitter. So I want to move to a little better cable at a 1.5 meter length.
You might consider the DH Labs D-75. It is a good digital cable, and it is less than $100 for 1.5 meters. You can find reviews online.

I have found the MAC UltaSilver+ to be a open and neutral RCA in my system. They out performed a much more costly RS Audio Illume w/Eichmenn SilverBullet ends.
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For under $100 if you can find them I really enjoy the McCormack/Mod Squad Wonderlink J Digital Coax cable. A cable that I would buy myself but can't since I have the Wonderlink is the Black Cat Veloce Digital Coax cable. It is made by Chris Sommovigo.

Good luck with your search.
Check Cullen Custom Cables. A 1.5m will cost you only $55.
I bought two of these and could not ask for anything to do a better job.
For a little over $100 I found Joe Mazzaglia’s Auricle Audio Design Digital Standard cable to be excellent, and he offers a special intro price that might be closer to what you need.

Another excellent RCA digital comes from A'goner Acreyes but I don't know about pricing.

And as others have already indicated, digital IC length makes a big difference to the coherence of the music. 1.5m is optimum.
Termination is paramount! More important than wire type, really. 75 ohm Canare connectors are the truest. So, I would go with Signal Cable.
At $99, I found the Transparent Digital Link to be significantly better than other similarly priced RCA SP/DIFs I tried. It was smoother, more musical, less artificial sounding with more natural detail and bloom to the dynamics.
Apogee Wyde Eye. Canare connectors and true 75 Ohm cable. Found them to be very-very good. Could be bought from Sweetwater for below $100.
The Black Cat Veloce from The Cable Company is excellent and so is the Wireworld Starlight 6 and Morrow Audio DIG1. All three around $100 at the 1.5M lenght.
Thanks for all your wonderful responses. I spent some time reading up on all the cables listed here. I boiled it down to two: the Auricle Audio Standard Digital and the Black Cat Veloce. I went ahead and ordered the Veloce. I would like to order the AA Standard Digital and have a proper duel but I see nowhere where AA has a return policy.
I haven't been through a lot of digital cables, but I have about 20 hours on a Black Cat Veloce, and I'm stunned. It's replacing an inexpensive Wireworld Chroma 5. If anyone ever again denies that a digital cable can make a difference, I will know now with 100% certainty that the person is WRONG. Of course, like everything else, a system has to have enough resolution to reveal the difference.
Veloce Black Cat is broken in. Wow! Very impressive. I am very satisfied. It brings out detail while allowing the tube amp to retain it's warmth. Running it with the very inexpensive Grant DAC9 (also used as a passive pre) and a Denon 2900 through Sound Dynamics 300TIs amplified by a Dynaco ST70. I feel guilty this is a second system...
Has anyone compared the Veloce with the Kimber DV60? I currently have the Kimber DV30 but I'm wondering if it's worth upgrading to either Veloce or the DV60. Many thanks

I second the DH Labs D-75 suggestion.
CANARE LV-61s also known as Digiflex gold.
or CANARE LV-77 which features a better shield for very long runs.
These can be had for less than $30 and have been known to offer the same performance as cables costing thousands.