Best Dead Shows on DVD?????????

Enjoyed the recently Top 5 Dead Shows thread and someone mentioned a breakfast set he knows is out there but could be released for contractual reasons.Got me thinking what is out here on DVD worth picking up?

Glad to see the boys out there now as "The Dead" but I'll tell 'ya I liked that "The Other Ones" band a lot.While working at a High end shop hat sold DVD's one of the few days I didn't yell "My Turn" and put on Jazz was when I cracked that 2 CD set.My boss even asked "Who are these guys?This is great!"Guess Jerry was just to "noodly" for him.But like Will Smith Rapped "Parents Just Don't Understand" even if they did play bass in a Beatles/Allmans cover band and had hair down to their ass.But how 'bout i for those 50" Plasma sets?
I think "Dawn of the dead" was their the best.
Truckin to Buffalo is worth owning. Killer "All along the watchtower"
New Years 78 is really good
Thanks/I'll check 'em out.They always kind of make me a little melancholic though.Miss the trip,where we gonna crash,Shakedown Street and a few veggie Burritos (20% of which were great and the others "well we were hear for music not cuisine right?"Not to mention the T-shirts.Those Rap children (or Mansons Children not Masons) just don't know what the hell they were talking about.Wonder if a "The Other Ones" will be released?"So now it's 50" Plasma's and own Veggie Burritos (low fat) and fond memories.
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