Any shows coming up?

I am new at this hobby and would like to know if there are any shows coming up on the east coast. I found info. on Consumer Electronics Show out west, but would like to find something within driving distance of DC. Thanks for your help.
Montreal in March
LA in June

I had the same question. I hear the Rocky Mountain Show is the best of the bunch. I think it is next fall. If at all possible I think I will try to make it. Also there is a big HT show in NYC this late spring or early summer.
"Also there is a big HT show in NYC this late spring or early summer. "

There is? Who is running it?

It looks like these shows do not happen as often as I thought. I found CES in LA next week, and Rocky Mountain next fall. Nothing on the east coast. I was really hoping to hear the best of the best all in one place and save time not having to go from showroom to showroom. Looks like I will have to do it the hard way. Thanks for the responses.
Baffled, shows are not condusive to serious auditions. Shows give you the chance to hear new and interesting things that might be worth following up on. Don't get me wrong, I still think they're fun, but, show room visits are still inevitable.
I find show room visits are often worthless too. The dealers rarely have demos of all the stuff they sell. You listen to a speaker, like it, and wonder if the larger one from the same manufacturer would be better, and by how much. Also, dealers want to sell product, and are not interested in your little research project.

All in all an industry show is most useful, at least for a start. But CES seems to be mostly about non-audio things. And, to attend, you are supposed to be in the industry. What do I do? Print myself up some business cards..."Audio Consultant"?

The location of the show is not too big an issue. Southwest Airlines will take you most anywhere for the price of a few CDs.
Shows are good for getting a general overview of things. Serious listening is virtually impossible, due to traffic and bad rooms. RMAF is far and away better than CES, but it is designed differently.

CES is in Vegas not LA.
Thanks to all of the above for your help. For the past year I have been trying to achieve true high end sound with my system. The problem is, since I have never heard a truly high end system, I have no point of reference. I thought shows would be a good way to hear what a truly great system sounds like if there was one close by. Apparently not. In the Wash DC area I have tried Myer Emco only to learn they are really just a cut above Circuit City. I also tried Soundworks, but they practically asked for a written guarantee that I was going to buy something before they would take me seriously. This happened on three seperate visits, so I assume it must be store policy. Does anyone know of a store near DC where they carry audiophile grade gear and know the value of building a relationship with their customers?
you may check out Sound Images - they have stores in Falls Church and Bethesda (I think). I've only been in the Falls Church store briefly so I can't vouch for the products or practices . . . but I think they carry high end stuff.

I've been to Soundworks multiple times in the past and had pretty good experience, but haven't been there in about a year and a half. I noticed a few times that it's hard to get someone's attention, but once I did they set me up with the gear I was interested in and left me alone to listen.
DC area dealer:
I did not know about either of those stores. Thanks for your help.