Best Classical Stations on Internet Radio

There have been many excellent posts on good internet radio stations. The station's content is all over the map, as is sound quality.

Wonder what are the best internet stations these days for classical programming, especially the stations getting closer to hi res.

A few of mine are: Radio Suisse Classic, Concertzender, Classical Music America, Linn Classical, MR3-Bartok Radio, WXEL (W. Palm Beach).

Any suggestions by members?
WQXR (Newark, NJ)
WGBH (Boston, MA)
I like BR-Klassik (Germany) most of all with DR-Klassisk (Denmark) second.

MR3-bartok Radio is outstanding except when they go to all-talk (and I don't understand Hungarian).

For higher bitrates, the AVRO channels are OK and RCO-Live is excellent.

WQXR sucks as much on the Internet as it does on FM.

Ok, I guess I suck.
Although Linn Classical has a higher bit rate and, therefore, better sonics, it doesn't present the world class performers that other stations I like do play.
Nothing was directed at you, Ncarv. It was directed at the "personalities" and programming of WQXR.

We enjoy WBJC out of Baltimore.
KUSC is one of my favorites, but it's only 128kbps. Fine for casual listening.
I think the programming on WQXR is excellent. I'll have to check out some of the other suggestions, but this just shows how subjective both music and sound appreciation can be!
One of my favorites is Classic FM, broadcasting from London, UK. Sound is excellent, programming is middle of the road.
Thank you all...some very good suggestions.

WCPE from north carolina is a nice station, i listen to it while i work on my office.
If you listen to Accuradio, there are 7 different classical music channels.
Highly recommended.
I agree with Vladimir. Classic FM from London sounds great, and I love the accents !!
WGUC Cincinnati. All classical, all the time. No commercials. NPR minus the news talk BS.
KUAT out of Tucson and King FM Evergreen from Seattle.