Best Cd Player For Around 3000


I need some expert Advice Regarding purchasing a used
Cd player from around $3000. My front end consist of ML 331
B&W 802 and Proceed AvpS. What would be the Best Cd
player for the Bang.

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You could find a used ML No 39 for around that. I used to have ML 33, No 39, and Nautilus 802s - sounded very nice.
2nd the #39. Good match with your amp. Also Wadia 850, or Muse 9 signature. Muse also gives you DVD.
Absolutely - go for the Electrocompaniet EMC-1 with the 24/192 upgrade. There are quite a few available on audiogon right now - and it's about the best CD player available today at any price.
I have some similar stuff, a Proceed AVP and B&W N804s. I use a Meridian 508.24 for CD. If you can find one used I highly recommend it.
I second Bwhite with the EMC-1 24/192, search this forum and you'll know what were talking about. The player seems to do everything right. Happy Hunting.
I once heard a demo of the Arcam FMJ(2000). Then they substituted the Linn Ikemi(3600). There was no comparison. I didn`t expect to hear any differences but it was easy to hear them. It went from adequate to WOW. You might want to check it out
check out the new Granite Audio 657 tube cd player -it has a tube anolog output that sounds as good or better than sacd !!it has a volume control so you dont need a preamp and has digital coaxial and toshlink outs --and it upsamples -it even decodes the dts cds and you can use your red book cd library and not have to buy new cd's it even comes with a 30 in home trail...check it out on our showcase at audiogon or at

My vote goes to the Bow Tech ZZ8..or..sell your pre, add that money to your 3k and get an audio aero capitole.
Your proceed has a levinson number 36/36s built into it. If you wanted to save some money you could still get incredible sound by just buying a high quality transport. A levinson 37 with your avp would sound the same as the 39 more or less. I had a 36 for about 5 years until i upgraded it to the 360s. The 360s was better but not by huge margins and the sound was just fantastic with just the 36 as well. So i reccomend just buying a transport and using the avp as your processor. If not, then id get the audio aero or the emc 1. Both are really good. You could maybe also get a 39 afterall and then later upgrade it to the 390s which would be a bit better than using the avp. I hope this helps. Thanks - Ian