Best Bookshelf Speakers

I just blew a driver in one of my bookshelf speakers. I am driving them with an inexpensive reciever. I am looking for a recommendation for replacement speakers. Price NEW must be $1,000 or less. Thanks for the help!
Norwex B-2 Nisse's are great; I'm trying these out right now. I'm writing a review of them, and they've been reviewed several other places on the net. I feel their performance is likely impaired/wasted on a bookshelf, however...these sound magnificent 38 inches out from the back wall, on 29 inch sand damped/spiked speaker stands in my small room, with my Rogue Model 88 amplifier in triode mode (at only 30 wpc in my fully treated smaller room, they can do 90db peaks with music at a listening distance of around 6.5 feet!!!!!)
Carl, where can I find a review of the Norwex B-2 on the net? Have you listened to the Coincident Triumph Signature? If so, how would you rate the two speakers, based on your initial impression of the Norwex?
I've not heard the Coincident. I'll check for the reviews, but it seems like you could find them just as quickly as I could. I'll not read any of them until I have written my review (however, I will read them before I post my review, so that I can compare/contrast my personal findings with theirs).
Carl, since I find your comments on components etc. to be extremely enlightening, where do you post your reviews as you mentioned? On this matter, theoretically I cannot think of any benefit in placing speakers within a bookcase/bookshelf.
They, Norwex b-2, have been prased, in the review, in, under "archives"!
B&W CDM-1NT. List is $1200. Many of dealers discount B&W speakers, so it should be around $1000.
I was planning on, and perhaps here, besides possibly one or two other places. This is a favor I am doing at the manufacturer's request. In mentioning these above, I did not mean to presume that they are "the best bookshelf speaker". I've not heard many booksehlf speakers at my home, and only own one bookshelf speaker myself. If I were to undertake a comparitive review of a lot of different small monitor speakers, that would take forever, becuase there are just too many of them. All I can do is try these, and give my detailed opinion, which is all any reviewer ever really does anyway (except unless they also have a decent methodology for publishing lab measurements, like SPHL...but I can't do that).
Jtinn: What were the speakers that you blew and did you like them, if not what was it that you did not like about them? What kind of music do you listen to? Also how much power does your amp have and what is the size of your listening room? When was the first time you...? The answers to these questions will allow the people at this forum to make better recommendations. To get your money's worth the speakers need to match the power of your amp, the room and your personal taste. Some speakers are soft, some are bright, etc.. I have home demoed some "good" speakers that were not so good in my listening room with my amplifier.
The Legacy Studio Monitors are the best. Well built - look good in your choice of finish and sound incredible.
PSB has an entry level model that you can get for $200 pr. It is an awesome buy for the money.
Look at the Linn Tukans. Listen to them and trust me you will not go anywhere else. The jey is you have to listen to them.
I'd look at the Swans Diva speakers. Best value for the money. Another thought: Audio Concepts Sapphire III. Also might look at a speaker kit. The Seas Odin at Good luck.
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I have to agreee with Sugarbrie. The B&W CDM1NT is a fabulous speaker for the money. Great soundstage, aand detail. Might want a sub for the lower end though.
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krksystems,out of huntington beach,ca.,you can read about them in MIX magazine,or their web page,have had a pair for 6 months,exceptional value and sound,of course they have various types from 450$ to 25,000$ good luck,bob
Go with the PSB Alphas mentioned above. Incredible for the money and you can drive them with a smaller reciever, unlike these others.
try linn tukans(kinda forward) or the b&w cdmse for a more laid back can buy em used for about $500-600 a pair u need good electronics to benifit from these speakers
The VA's are warm sounding, then JMR's are pretty neutral, and the Totem's can be a little foward. These 3 cover a pretty wide spectrum as far as tastes goes and build quality is excellent.
Elac CL 310i Jet or CL 305. Most amazing sound from a speaker this size. Hard to find in the U.S. I have a pair and will never give them up.
Paradigm Reference Studio40v.2! The soundstage and imaging is wonderful, and the bass is very tight and fast.
If you are using a receiver don't waste money on expensive speakers. PSB Alphas are OK, but even better are the new
PSB Image 2B bookshelf with larger woofer giving more bass.
Retail new is $399 but you can buy many places at big discount on internet for $250-300. They perform way beyond their price, recently reviewed at
Hey now,
I had a Nakamichi receiver that was pretty good.