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Getting a Koetsu Onyx cartridge rebuilt - help
If you can get a factory retip through an Asian dealer, thats the best way to go. It will be less than half of the retip list. My company has offices in Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul so I know about this. My friend in the Tokyo office left so your be... 
Never use alcohol to clean records. Alcohol damages vinyl, over time it will become brittle and you may see visible streaking on the surface. As far as not putting a liquid on the vinyl before you vacuum, that's just ignorance, any good detergent ... 
My first Jazz cd
My first Jazz LP was a 10 in. recording called The Art Blakey Quintet A Night At Birdland Vol 1. I really don't reccomend any of the jazz series as they tend to be skewed, especially Ken Burns. Try this instead; get the names of several jazz artis... 
Tube reliability in amps
Why not choose an amp for it's sound rather than tube life? 
Tenor Audio - Anyone hear them?
Is that the same Sam Tellig that thought the Radio Shack portable CD player was one of the greatest pieces of audio gear he's ever heard? 
Quiex...what exactly is this method of vinyl pressing?
The translucency has nothing to do with Quiex. Vinyl is translucent by nature and people just color it to varying degrees. 
Help with bi-amping
Many experts will disagree with that. That's why I said you need to compare 2 100 Watt amps to a 200 watt amp. John Dunlavy believes that the 200 watt amp will win all the time. (SET's not included). A lot of people claim bi-amping is better, but ... 
Passive bi-amping works ?
I'm still looking for a real test of bi-amping. Like two 100 watt amps vs a single 200 watt amp. Obviousl adding a second 100 watt amp is superior to a single 100 watt amp, but are two 100s superior to a single 200? Most experts say no. It's bette... 
what is the diff with SACD and HDCD ??
Maybe your dogs ears go to 22Khz, but if your over 20, you probably don't go much past 16 Khz. HDCD is an excellent attempt to get superior sound with a minimum of extra cost. Unlike XRCD and SACD, they cost the same as regular CDs. There are many... 
Tenor Audio - Anyone hear them?
Unfortunately they have very few dealers. 
Lyra Helikon
Every cartridge manufacturer claims that the Hi output version of a cartridge is the same quality as the low output version. If that were really true, they'd only put out a high output version. Common sense usually triumphs over hype. 
is there any one near atlanta ga that can come set up my pro
There's a dealer in Dunwoody, I believe the new name is Sound And Cinema, I have had excellent dealings with them in the past. 
Upsampling disadvantges, mutliplying the mistakes??
PCM is flawed? What does that mean? Sounds like the Bull Crap from the SACD people. PCM is a digital technique that is widely used in lots of digital audio and video applications. Upsampling is just another marketing gimmick also. There's just so ... 
Help with bi-amping
I tried vertical bi-amping, by borrowing a VT-200 to match with my VT-100. It didn't fare that well. I suspect it was due to the lack of an active crossover to balance the signals. Who makes good crossovers? Has anyone done a real comparison? That... 
Cary in bed with Stereophile?????
Whether the people at StereoShill are praising their heavy advertizers directly, I can't say for sure. But remember that they rely on the high-end industry being a healthy one. Therefore their advertizers have to do well or they go out of business.