Best Audiophile Coverage Of '07 CES?

Who's posting the best audiophile coverage of this years CES convention?

Usually Audio Federation has the best and their website has links to all the other reports as well.
The move from the Alexis Park to the Venetian is at best a disaster for the attendees and the for the manufacturers who paid good money to be there.

For the attendees, go through the Casino, make your way to the elevators and ride up 29 floors totally jammed with people, get off the elevator in the designated smoking section. Walk around in a daze trying to figure who's where. No bathrooms anywhere if you need to use 'em, ride the elevator down 29 floors, walk through the casino... And forget about vendors selling records, CD's, tubes, tweaks... they're not allowed to do that at the Venetian. I did not hear one system/room that sounded good. Not one.

From the manufacturers perspective the traffic is light for all of the reasons listed above. The costs are astronomical too: not allowed to bring their own gear into the hotel, pay $300 to the hotel to move the furniture out of the way, etc... lotsa folks saying no more CES, they'll sign up to do T.H.E. Show.
Stereophile is doing blog coverage, which is pretty good. Jason Serinus did a terrific job of this for them at RMAF, but the CES blog is written by a cast of characters and is a bit more light and flippant than Jason's meaty observations, but still worthwhile.
missed the show this year, and my friends who went say its a disaster. no 'real' customers and even the loveable lunatic traffic wasn't there. i'm shocked so many didn't see this coming.