audiophile quality multi -disc CDP s?

Helping a friend put together a music system and she insists on a multi-disc CD player. I have always looked at single disc players so I'm looking for recommendations on this subject. Price range is up to 2K or so
Sony SCD-C333ES - add in a DAC for redbook (if desired) and you will probably come in around $1500 with the benefit of SACD as well...
The Sony SCD-C333ES is a good recommendation--see the April edition of Stereophile for a review. Also, Sony is supposed to have the SCD-C555ES available in April, which will add SACD surround and should list at about $1,700.

The only other quality changers I know of are from California Audio Labs, but I don't like their LCD displays--I can't read them from across the room.
I am presently running a California Audio Labs CL-10 5 disc changer. Former Stereophile class B and can easily be purchased used for about $800. I'm very happy with it. The LCD does have a (switchable) light, but I will admit its not all that visible during the day from across the room.
I would imagine that if you add an anti-jitter device to one of these things it might be pretty good. In another thread someone suggested muti-disc players as the ultimate CD storage system -- now if you daisy-chain two or three of them you might have something...
Just to clarify... I am referring to the 200 CD variety of players.
In a discussion with Stan Warren at Supermods, he reminded me of the $100 AIWA 37M 5 disc changer that is supposed to be a (giant) killer transport. That should leave some wiggle room for a good outboard DAC and cables. [:)]
I have never heard it, but the Anthem CDP comes to mind. It has a single drawer, so you can only load one cd at a time which is a bit of a pain. I think it retails for around $1600.
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