Audiophile Liquidator....OK??

I'm thinking of purchasing a CDP from this online seller. Are these guys reputable and worthwhile? Anybody have any firsthand knowledge, good or bad? Please let me know. Thanks
There is a lawsuit filed against them for what they are doing.

I am told their physical address is an abandoned property and they seek reputable high end audio manufacturers photographs and claim to sell the product. The images serve as bait and then they switch the customer to whatever it is they actually sell.

I got my information from one of the largest manufacturers around. I would exercise extreme caution, perhaps look around here at Audiogon.
Caveat emptor. The photograph on their website does not match the address given for their 'corporate office', which is in fact the address of a health food store in San Francisco, as I have been told by a well known audio manufacturer. Further, no address and non-toll free phone number are given in their 'whois' domain name registration information, so there is absolutely no way of knowing who you are dealing with nor any assurance of getting anything for your money.

Run away as fast as you can, and pass the word on to others.
I've purchased some speakers from them and their shipping is very high. I purchased 4 of the same speakers and they came in different shipments and days. But it still net cheaper then anywhere else.
The speaker company they represented as having in stock and "ready to go" at discount price have now disappeared COMPLETELY from their web site, including all reference to that brand and images !

I just wonder what happened to orders from people who thought they had them for sale. You were lucky Kkm, in my opinion and obviously you did not buy the brand I am referring to.

They NEVER had them.
Thanks for the feedback all. Audiogon is the way to go for gear. Cheers