Beethoven 9th by Solti, best LP pressing ?

There is a speakers corner reissue of Solti conducting Beethoven 9th symphony and also there is the original decca 1972 pressing of the same. Which is the one to buy ? Normally the original pressings are preferred, is it true even for this album ?

Secondly there is a box set of all 9 Beethoven Symphonies by Solti, I guess it is a 1980 release. Is it worth going for this box set ? I mean is it a good pressing or should I go for individual Solti symphonies ?
I have numerous pressings of this Solti 9th listed in descending order of quality: Mobile Fidelity "Original Master Recording", Musical Heritage Society DMM (Direct Metal Master), Decca as released to the British market, and lastly the London pressing for the US market.  You can probably find nice, clean copies of the Mobile Fidelity and Musical Heritage Society on eBay.  Although DMM pressings can sound bright and harsh, these don't. 
Also, the complete box set from US London records will drive you crazy because of the side breaks. For example, Symphony No 3 Eroica is on three sides. YMMV, but I've been disappointed in the sound quality of many Speakers Corner reissues. 

The Mobile Fidelity is best by far. 
Thanks. I picked up the UK Decca pressing.

I was also thinking of getting a Mahler symphony series of LPs. Which conductor would you recommend ?
Tilson-Thomas, Bernstein & Rattle all are worthy contenders. Cheers,
UK-Decca is BEST!