BAT vk3ix

I have a VK 3ix. Has anyone had this pre amp upgraded by BAT with any of the upgrade options or all of them that are offered? If so what would be suggested. I am looking to get the widest / deepest sound stage and imaging possible.
I am running a Mark Levinson 333, Arcam 33 CD, Maggie Tympanie 4's which I completely rebuilt cross-overs with sonicaps( which sound awesome) and all high end cables. I really like the sound of the my HI-FI but have the bug to step it up a notch. Thanks for the feed back in advance. Feel free to call. 262-902-0301
It might be cheaper to move up the line? Not sure they upgrade this preamp unless its offered with the BatPak?
I agree with Samzx12. If you want to upgrade your sound sell your 3ix and use the funds to move up the BAT line of preamps. If you upgrade the 3ix now and decide to sell it sometime later, you won't get back that upgrade cost.
Call Viktor at BAT, he is the owner. I have spoken to him numerous times about possible upgrdae paths, what's better than what etc. He has always been happy to answer my questions an has been easy to reach, I hope this is still the case. I have asked him basically the same question as you a few years ago regarding my 3iX, if I remember correctly he said that if I could only afford to spend 500$ on an upgrde that I should upgrade the 3iX. He said that to reach the level of the 31the 3ix would need to be brought to SE level. But personal prefrence came into view as at that point he models were kind of overlapping.

Call him as he designed this stuff, no better place to get an honest opinion. I trusted his opinions and at no point felt like he was trying to sell me a new model etc.

Went from the 3ix to the 31 and the improvement was palpable. The soundstage was bigger, deeper bass and better highs. With the prices of used gear your money would be better spent on the VK 31.
Thanks for the feed back guys. The total upgrade package is about $1,600.00. It appears that a pc up-grade is a better choice then sticking money into the 3xi.

Here's a great cd suggestion for super listening.

Blue Coast Collection
The E.S.E. Sessions. Various artists

Looks like it is cheaper to sell your vk-3ix and get a used vk-31/32 or vk-40. ;-)