Need quick answer- BAT VK3iX vs. BAT VK3ixSE

I am going to buy one of these. Can anyone tell me which is better and more accurate. A quick answer is needed. I would appreciate opinions of these amps. Thank you.

Going from word of mouth, VK3ixSE.

Good luck,

Sorry, I can't really say, but I did have the VK-3iXSE on loan for 6 weeks, and I really grew to admire it. It was, IMHO a real bargain at it's price point. I haven't heard the VK-3iX though, so I cannot say for sure.

Thanks for the opinions. There isn't much information on the SE model yet when doing a search.
call Victor BAT's owner direct and he'll help you decide.
With the iX version- You will have the ability to try a wide variety of 6922's, while the SE will restrict you to Two choices, the 6H30 or 6H30pi. I've got a VK-D5 Cd player and have stuffed it with 6 NOS Siemens CCa's from the 60's. The accuracy/transparency/pure musicality is such that I can't even imagine "upgrading" it to the SE version(which has gotten mixed reviews). It would be in your best interest to audition a well burned in SE, in your system, before buying one. The iX model could be tube rolled to suite your preferences in sound reproduction, if the SE doesn't. The following site has notes on some of the tubes that are available in the 6922 family, and what you could expect from them soundwise:(
One more thing- If you buy the iX and shop for 6922's: ALWAYS specify LOW NOISE tubes. Of course- The ones in the SE will already be LN.