BAT Solid State Amplifiers

Just wanted to get an idea as to how they sound? I was told by an acquaintance that it sounds lean. Not sure though if the matching pre-amp used was BAT as well. TIA!
I purchased a VK250SE to replace a Plinius SA 250 MKIV, and before that a Levinson 334. I'm driving that with a krell HTS7.1 and a Krell DVD standard or VPI Aries /koestsu black combo. Speakers are martin logan ReQuests.

I would say that the BAT provides the most musical performance on my setup. Sweet midrange, very spacial, very dynamic. The levinson was overall darker, the Plinius was as dynamic, but not as sweet, certainly closer to the BAT than the levinson.

Gauge that feedback along with these well known impressions - Krell tends to be a forward, and the electrostatics certainly aren't mellow.

If someone has a lean presentation with BAT, something else is causing that... not the amp.
I agree w/ Objective1. Having owned a VK-300x SE, VK-250SE, and currently a VK-6200 and VK-600SE, have not experienced any leaness. The amps having excellent midrange, imaging, dynamics and extended bass.
BAT lean, nope... I fell in love with bat the first time I heard it about 7 months ago. I heard the new REX tube amp at 80 watts a channel with the REX pre and come home and sold my entire Mcintosh C500T, Mc2301, setup and I now have a totally new system of which nothing was in it 6 months ago. I chose to go with the VK600-M-SE and am truly loving it. These amps are so quick, natural, and put things in there place as well as anything without missing a detail or a beat. BAT is highly recommended out of this house-hold. Enjoy,
I've heard and owned several pieces of BAT gear, none of it has ever sound lean.
No lean sound in BAT gear. Someones ears need checking if they said
I agree with the above having driven Maggie 1.6, 3.5 and 3.6's as well as Spicas and Ushers, with a VK-500 with Bat Pak, not lean by any stretch, very musical.
Not lean to my ears. BAT amps and pre-amps are great. They let you enjoy the whole music spectrum...I'm a BAT-man
Go figure??? ... that's the first time I heard of someone describe any product by BAT as sounding lean.

IMO BAT makes some of the best sounding components money can buy.
I have a BAT VK-6200 and I love it. I don't think I be upgrading anytime soon. I had and sold the following: Cary Cinema 5, Classé CAV 150, Krell Showcase 7, Threshold T100, Parasound A21, Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature 5x400. The only amp that came close was the Cary Cinema 5 which I highly recommend. The Classé was also very nice. I did not cared for the Krell at all.
I would like to your "acquaintance" to comment.
I have never read BAT amps are lean.

No lean sound coming from the VK-600 amplifier I just recently bought and my system is pretty revealing. Some of the great characteristics I hear are total control with a non fatiguing musical spectrum. Musical is one way to word it