CALLING ALL BALANCED AUDIO OWNERS! How many of you wish BAT made more powerful solid state amps. I have their vk-1000 monoblocs and i love them. But i feel need for 500-600 plus watts a side minimum into 8 ohms for my nautilus 801's. Dont get me wrong, the amps are no wimps. But i'd like to try a bigger amp. But where do you find a big amp that is warm detailed (not overly so), crystal clear, and authoritative at the same time? Maybe i'll add 2 more monos and forget about it. What do you think?
Wish I could afford another bat amp, I have the vk200 and love it. Does anyone now if the vk200 can be used as a mono, I'd like a second one. Thanx Pete
buy bridged big burmesters!!!!!
Going from 350Wpc to 550WPC will give you about 2dB more power. I doubt that it would make a significant difference in listenable output unless you have your 801s in a huge room. You might want to add the BAT-PAKs if you don't already have them in. That would make a much bigger audible improvement.
Or if you want to step to another level go to a Jeff Rowland model 8T, is the maximum level of all the traits you described.
I can't imagine the VK 1000 Monos not giving you the feeling of "enough power"...BTW, the BATPAK option is standard on the 1000's. Something new you might check out is still in the BAT family, the VK 6200, a multichannel amp that you can have outfitted with four mono amp modules and you could power bi-amp with one 4 channel amp. In some ways it outperforms the VK 500 ( 2 channel Vs 2 channel), since the 1000's are really two 500's strapped, you might want to experiment. The VK 6200 in a 4 channel configuration lists for 7500.00
Kind of guessing as to what your dissatisfaction might be with the 1000's. If it is bass problems, my experience is that the N801's can easily overwhelm even a 5000 cubic foot room. No amp will be able to compensate for too small a room for these speakers.

Another option you might want to try is putting BAT's tube products (150SE is their monoblock version) on the mids/tweeters. Have heard their tube/upper, ss/bass demoed on other speakers and enjoyed the combo immensely.

Pcc, give the BAT factory a call on your question. Both Steve and Victor are very easy and willing to answer questions. I suspect yours has been asked before. Might be a nice additional product for them.
If your looking for more power lincoln makes some great arc welders which is pretty much what you would need! Is there any way you could bi-amp your speakers with 4 VK-1000 and if you can I don't want to see your electric bill! Good Luck.
try 2 Plinius SA250 MKIV, one amp is powerfull enough to drive a nautilus 802 beautifully, probably 2 amps will help you out. I use a plinius SA100 on my nautilus 803 and it sounds warm yet detailed, not as detailed as krell FPB series but certainly warmer.
Thank you for all of your responses so far. You guys are great. Most of all you're smart and knowledgable about this hobby. Thats why I post. Even if I do sound silly, I figure its best to get my wild ideas out into the open and be done with it before I spend money on something I dont need. I now think I should refine what I have and possibly try some BAT tubes on top as suggested by Alexanderj. I cannot afford the Rowlands yet. Thanks again you guys for the input.
I auditioned the bat 3i with the bat vk200 and also with the plinius sa250 mkiv. I really what the plinius cause it is a nice looking piece of equipement and everyone said it should sound better than the bat vk200. Not trying to slam anyone, but the bat 200 killed the plinius. There truely was no comparision. Maybe my martins just like Bat. Pete
i think that you must make changes in your room!
i had also this feeling with my levinson.
try to move your speakers, put curpets on the walls....
and try another loudspeaker cable.
thanks Eddy@net. you read my mind. i'm looking for tapestries today for my bare walls. room treatment should
be a big step toward getting a more focused sound. this is a new "tweak" for me. we'll see. thanks.
Avnut, if you looking at room treatmentment, why not post your room dimensions, speaker placement, listening position, and current absorptive items. We may have some more ideas for you. I'm wondering if you are still going after bass control or now looking at overall focus and soundstaging. If it's bass control, room dimensions, speaker placement and listening location will have major effects.
before i respond further, i'm going to think more about what i really want out of my system. i'm also going to read up a bit more about room treatment.

thanks for all of your input and suggestions.
Methinks one needs a better speaker! Much easier solution, no?
I 'm a happy owner of B & W 800 Nautilus , with the poweramp BAT VK 1000 ( two monoblocks ) do the biwire option for each block , so one 500 for the lower , the other for the mid /heigh .Together with an ARC REF 3 SE ,its a marriage in heaven
BTW, the most famous person to reference the "BAT pole"? Adam West