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Any ARC REF 5 owner has a noisy display
Yes , I give ARC an Email , answer sent to the distributor in the Netherlands ( Europe ) , bring the unit to the distributor , they will bring toa service and repair centre , they will take a look in the unit and make contact with ARC US to know w... 
Whining screen on ARC Reference 3
Question for REF 5 owners , do you have the same noisy display problem as the REF 3 ? 
6550 replacements for upgraded CD7
hello bifwynne , no I did not ask ARC , I followed the advice of a university graduated engineer who is doing business in the Netherlandswith his own brand of CD players , amplifiers and other highend products . The 6550 NOS tungsol was installed ... 
6550 replacements for upgraded CD7
Quick after the upgrade of the powersupply I put in a 6550 Tungsol blackplate . Wow it still works for years without any problem . After buying the CD 7 I replaced all the small tubes by 6H30P-DR versions .Still in use , also a big improvement .A ... 
Tube Recommendation for ARC Ref Phono 2SE
I replaced the original tubes by 6H30 - DR , and the 6550C by NOS Tungsoll 6550 black plate .marriage in heaven ! 
ARC Ref 6 tube replacement
hello tatooedtrackman , I got the suggestion from the tubedepot some time ago for replacement of the blacklabel , they suggest  the SED 6550 black sable . My tube replacement for the REF 3 by the blackplate tungsol gave me the following impression... 
ARC Ref 6 tube replacement
I replaced in my REF 3 the small tubes by 6H30P-DR super tubes and the one in the powersupply by a NOS Tungsol 6550 blackplate , the are no better replace tubes imho .  
Impedance matching with tube amp
hello Kalali ,You are right  about the 600 Ohm , sorry fellow audiogonners  for the wrong figure I give . When I got the Sphinx poweramps I thought 600 Ohm to 600 Ohm  no problem , but ARC poweramps all have 100 k input imp to be sure about the lo... 
Impedance matching with tube amp
I owned a ARC REF 3 pre amp , output imp 100 K , poweramp Sphinx PJ26 , input imp 600 Ohm , at the balanced input . I had a lack of the lower registers , finaly I bought two BAT VK1000 poweramps , marriage in heaven ! 
I 'm a happy owner of B & W 800 Nautilus , with the poweramp BAT VK 1000 ( two monoblocks ) do the biwire option for each block , so one 500 for the lower , the other for the mid /heigh .Together with an ARC REF 3 SE ,its a marriage in heaven 
Need a new amplifier. Need a good match for my Audio Research LS7 preamp
Beware that the LS7 needs a poweramp with at least an input impedance of 60 kOhm , normally a tube poweramp has 100kOhm , just look at the specs of the ARC tube poweramps . 
Shunmook ebony weight owners
Request ended , somebody has given me all the measurements I liked to know , Oh yes it is NOT my intension to make a lookalike as a friendmade a ebony wood record weight for me , which weight is 400 gr. 
Tuberolling the REF5se...
Yes , did buy aprox 8 years ago , from a retailer in Canada , for my REF 3 and for my CD7 . They last 2 times the lifetime of the regular tubes .The sound , more dynamics in general . 
Tuberolling the REF5se...
replace the 60H30P by the NOS 6H30P-DR  
What's with BAT?
The 60H30 tube BAT is using is the supertube version , there is no betterkind available , this tube last much longer than the standard version .In my ARC gear all 6H30 tubes have been replaced by the 6H30P-DR version , just not only the lifetime ,...