BAT Integrated Amp or keep 15 Year Old Separates??

I am considering downsizing my electronics to(possibly) a BAT integrated amp which is 150RMS and self-biasing(I don't recall the model number.) I currently have an Aragon 4000MK(200RMS and high current) and Conrad Johnson PV-8 that I have had privately modified twice for a lower noise floor and better low level detail. I have always liked these pieces but they are getting "long in the tooth" I bought them in 1988. I have not bought front-end electronics since then, but have generally kept informed about what is new, except for the tube and SET amp "craze" sweeping audio today. Need some good input about the BAT products and company. Is their integrated amps worth the money and will they be superior to my current setup?? I used to have B&W matrix3 series2 speakers, but sold them. I have been hunting for serious speakers for over two years and my budget and interest keep shrinking---my current range is $1600-2000 but prefer to stay under 2k, because I also need speaker cable. I might spring for a "used" pair of Coincident Technology's Partial EclipseMkII, but will probably settle for a pair of Quad 22L floorstanders that are $1600 retail,have been getting good reviews and I will audition this week. Other speaker possibilities are Gershman's Cameleon at $1800 or possibly a "used" pair of Audio Physic's TempoIIIi. I am prefer speakers with a slim profile or column speakers; also despite going small want a pair of cans that have some "slam" to their sound, but also are accurate with very good soundstaging. All opinions and comments welcomed!! Thank you, Jimbo
I am a dealer for Reference 3 A mm De Capos ($2495) and BV Audio among many others. The BV Audio integrated is less than $1800 and will crush just about anything tube or solid state. The de Capos newest "i" version has already recieved glowing reviews. The combination is very special. We can package these up with some really nice speaker cables. Go to
I don't think you can go wrong with any of the products you've mentioned. BAT has an excellent reputation for great sound and build quality, backed up by service that's tough to beat.

If you like slim, accurate, and excellent soundstaging speakers, take a look at Totem's Arro (around $1000 new). I've heard them with both a Jolida 300B integrated amp ($900 new) and McIntosh separates (total about $8000 new) and the Jolida crushed the McIntosh in providing an absolutely amazing soundstage. The Audio Physic's will have more "slam", but I urge you to try the Jolida/Totem combo. Besides, for less than $2000 for BOTH speakers and amplification (and that's purchasing new), it's hard to complain.

For amplification, you might also consider a used Plinius 8200 or Arcam A22, as they will both fit into your price range.

Good Luck!

The BAT stuff is terrific, their new integrated looks and sounds wonderful. Your $2000 budget for speakers makes me wonder though, do you have the cash for the BAT 300 that goes for around $4000? For what it's worth changing your separates to a BAT integrated would be a physical downsizing (one unit rather than preamp/amp/interconnect) but you'd be upgrading the sound. The other thing that comes to mind; if you do take the plunge and buy the BAT integrated will your speaker choices do the BAT justice?

If the price tag is an issue I'd keep what you have and have some fun trying to find the right speakers to match your current gear/rooom. And of course, buy more records.
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I cant speak on what you have but the BAT integrated is a very nice amp. I have used BAT gear for years and they are excellent sounding and very reliable. If you do have questions, getting them on the phone is easy and quick. At the used prices they are a good buy because they are made so well.