Bass in a bad space

Hi All, 

I have a second system in my painting studio.  It's about 1000 sq ft and all hard surfaces, concrete floors.

I have a pair of Tannoy XT 6F, Rotel A12, Vincent Pho 701 and Marantz CD6006. The bass is boomy and a bit flabby in the space.  I have placed fabric in the lower bass ports which has helped slightly.  The speakers are on Gaia III's.  

I've also tried placing carpet in front of the speakers.  Can't tell if that helps.  Not a remarkable change anyways.  So, I'm just looking for a bit more separation in this terrible listening space.  It's my second space and not meant for concentrated listening, but a bit better would be nice. 

Any thoughts? Thanks

Room treatments Brother!  Gik.  244 panels @ 1st reflection points (2 sides, 2ceilings, 2 centered on front wall, tri traps in the corners, monster bass panel behind listening spot.

@b_limo .
As it is a studio, can't you try hanging some tarps, canvas and paintings?
I would even puts some on the floor, as well- well, not the paintings.
In fact, I wouldn't try to smooth anything, leave the wrinkles to break up/ absorb/diffract soundwaves. I'll bet you will get a feel for what makes a difference and can then order some room treatment panels.
I believe there is a company that offers free diagnostics, but I don't recall the name.

     GIK is the company b_limo was trying to think of that offers free diagnostics.  Good company that I recently had a free room analysis from and ordered some of their reasonably priced room treatments.  But I haven't received/installed them yet.

Thanks all.  I will look into it. Bob, creative thinking.  Perhaps ever just drop cloths will do the trick.  That will be my first move.  

Because I am moving around at all times in the studio (I'm not an easel painter), adjusting the room to a specific listening location would be overkill.  

@kevinappel - the room IS NOT your friend. I agree with the suggestions above.

I play bass and recently we played at a hockey arena - concrete and glass everywhere. I had to turn my bass amp way down AND lift the amp onto a table

The down firing port on your speakers, onto concrete floors is the issue - you need to damp/absorb those waves as soon as they leave the enclosure

Try small rugs around 3ft x 5ft under the speakers. The spiked feet should go through the rug to anchor the speakers to the floor.

Also bass is omni directional so putting carpet/rugs in front of the speaker would probably not be as effective as putting the rugs under the speaker.

As others have posted, try to get soft materials onto the walls also - a cheap(ish) material that can be used is carpet underlay - just stick it to the walls.

Hope that helps - Steve
The boomy bass has lots to do with your decay times. I suspect you are getting close to what is called one nite bass as well. 

Get a calibrated mic and software to see whats going on in your room. You've got some strong modes going on that need to be tamed.

Absolutely talk to GIK. What I've gotten so far has made huge changes.  Also they have lots of free education videos. All the stuff I'm stating you'll find in there.

As a guess what you're most unhappy with is a mess around 100Hz give or take. Those are pretty long waves. Thin treatments aren't going to help those. Thicker the better and corners are gonna be the place to start

Thanks all. I have been testing moving some canvases and also cloth on the floor.  It's helping.  I might just test the space.  Thanks for the input.