Bagpipes anyone?

Went to a memorial service yesterday...during which live bagpipes were played. Like any live music one hasn't heard in awhile, I am moved to snag a recording of a master of this instrument. Any suggestions?
Bagpipes are beautiful in small doses. Like in Star Trek when Spock died and they played Amazing Grace on bagpipes. But a whole album? I dunno, I'm afraid it would become annoying at some point.
Cruz: I know what you mean. I guess I 'm wonderinhg if there's an equivalent of a YoYo Ma in the world of bagpipes.
Mull Of Kintyre - Paul McCartney and WIngs.
Amazing Grace -Royal Scots Dragoon Guard (a must)
Try some Rufus Harley..plays jazz bagpipes.Has played with Herbie Mann on some great stuff.

Try some samples at the above youtube site.
I think it was George Bernard Shaw (?) who said "the quintessential Scottish gentleman is well versed in playing the bagpipes - but doesn't!"

I have to agree w/ Cruz 123 - hauntingly beautiful for about 15 minutes, then...nails on a chalkboard!
I have always considered Bagpipes on LP to be one of those perfect thrift store purchases.You know they didn't play it more than twice,neither will you,but it's only a buck.Rufus Harley is not the only Jazz Piper (Bagman?) Albert Ayler gives it a go on one of his Impulse releases I think "Music Is The Healing Force Of The Universe" but be careful around Albert.
There is (are?) bagpipes on Mike Oldfield's "Ommadawn." They're not the center of the piece, nor are they there for long, but I remember laughing at my college roommate (who had bought the album) when the bagpipes entered the first time we played it. Not laughing anymore. Great record.
Check whether AR RE YAOUANK are your cup of tea (cider much more, they are from Brittany). They transformed traditional breton music to a degree where it can really rock.
First time we heard them they had just released their album Troisième Acte featuring some emotionally quite stirring tracks, so I bought and still recommend the album. However, we experienced what other people have describe: sitting through the entire album may be somewhat, er, demanding (as much on account of the melodeon as the pipes, though).
I don't have any bagpipe recordings, but I saw this post and immediately thought of times that I heard them live. They are LOUD and complex. Their sound of even a small group seems to come at you from all directions, even if you are outdoors. So my thoughts were--this is going to be really hard to reproduce correctly. I'm now interested in getting a really good techinically recorded piece (if such exists) and seeing how it will work as demostration material. I have to agree though--I don't think listening to bagpipe recordings will be something I'll spend a lot of time doing.
They are LOUD and complex

Indeed - each one is like a group of players as they have multiple reeds called "drones". About 120 db SPL continuous is possible from bagpipes.

Try to get a CD of the 78th Frazer Highlanders. They were the first non-Scottich band to win the world title.
"Bagpipes are beautiful in small doses. Like in Star Trek when Spock died and they played Amazing Grace on bagpipes. But a whole album? I dunno, I'm afraid it would become annoying at some point."

I know what you mean!! We went camping recently and a nearby site had a person playing the pipes for most of the afternoon. At first it was kinda cool...but it did get old soon...esp. when we were looking for a little peace and quiet! But, to each his own!
When I lived in NYC, I briefly dated a girl who lived on 1st Ave on the upper East Side of Manhattan, near the East River. EARLY every Saturday morning, some guy played the Bagpipes in the park along the river. Might (or might not) have been charming for one morning...then, I'm not sure, but he probably contributed to the break-up. Definitely, limited doses only!