bad experiences buying on line

I am currently trying to get a piece of equipment I purchased on AudiogoN. I sent the gentleman payemnt almost a month ago and I keep getting lame excuses as to why it hasn't been sent. Am I the only one to have these problems?
Call him on the phone & ask for the item or your money back today. A month is more than enough. Also, contact Audiogon to make them aware of this seller's behavior. If he has a history of this type of behavior they can deal with him.
You are entitled to be more than annoyed. I agree with the fellow and demand your equipment or a refund. I would be careful to document everything and agree that contacting Audiogon would be prudent at this point. Good luck
Audiogon doesn't like this sort of stuff, let them know(as stated above) if you don't get the product or your money back they will more then likely create a dispute and in the end he could lose his membership- this isn't something to take laid back. When someone sends payment the product should ship out immediatly. What is the sellers feedback? it may be a good indication of what will happen. Good luck ~Tim
I had the same problem with a Canadian seller and I called the constable in the town where the guy lived . The constable went over to the guys house and made him ship the item and it got here about a week later. So if he's Canadian you can get somebody to do something.Good-luck
I too am having a bad experience but not as clear cut as yours. The seller shipped me some cables that were in terrible condition but graded 8/10. He is new to the site so I have laid it all out for him but he seems to be quite truculent and I regret that this one too may end up in a feedback war and eventually in Audiogon dispute resolution. As for your problem, it's time to send the seller an e-mail explaining that you are contacting Audiogon and then doing so. They can resolve many of these issues behind the scenes without making the dispute public. From past dealings with you I can say that you are an Audiogonner of the highest caliber and am dismayed that this would happen to you. Best of luck with it.
I wrote to the guy and told him if he did not respond to my e-mail I would contact AudiogoN and the district attorney in his town. When I said this he finally responded and claimed to just have gotten back from vacation. That was on Monday. Today I tried to get the tracking numbers of the package and he informed me he had sold the Phono Section to someone else and would be sending my money back. I am dissatisfied with this but haven't told him yet. I don't want the money I want the piece!!! I wonder if I could/should still go after him? It's been over a month now.
TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN! Don't let your love for the audio piece cloud smart business choices. It could be worse ex: no money/no product. How can you trust him at this point? Chances are if he is not straight up with his business dealings, he was not straight up with the listed condition rating either. It could arrive in lousy condition. Another good deal will come up. I have dealt with many sales via the internet (I am a dealer) and the unfortunate reality is you will eventually end up crossing paths with a flake. You just happen to cross that path early in your trip. For the most part... we have great group on It is by far the best A/V internet trading site worldwide. IMHO, kindly tell him that you will happily accept your payment returned in official form (bank check). It is not worth the gamble. This hobbie has some great people... he is not one of them.
I smell a skunk...
Watch out for very cleaver buyers who claim problems with purchases - They buy a similar item they already own and replace parts from theirs with the parts from yours AND claim YOU have committed fraud! Happened to me a few times. Mostly with vintage gear-
Get your money back ASAP first of all. Do not let this guy sweet talk you or try to make it seem as if he is still reasonable - he's disrespected you more than enough already for you to completely write him off and take immediate action to protect yourself if it's not too late. Tell him by phone you're arranging to have the payment picked up and overnighted back to you and are eating the charge. If he sounds evasive and balks, try to cancel or stop the payment if you possibly can and eat that charge, but your money may adready be gone. Contact the local law enforcement like you said, and by all means get Audiogon on it without further delay. You've been too kind up 'til now. How much dough are we talking about here anyway? Best of luck, and keep us posted.
I would also suggest posting some detailed negative feedback. This will help all of us avoid your predicament.
The seller has $1000 of my money. Now I find out he sold the piece to someone else and was listing it for them. It was the second guy who is backing out. I pointed out to him that an agreement to sell is a written and legal contract but I doubt that it will mean anything to him. He is supposedly returing the money but I would still like to find out what my legal rights are in regard to the sale.
It is only a legal agreement, I believe, if the item was listed at auction (you don't mention if that's the case). Regardless, if this story is true, tell him you want to contact the other guy to verify. If this person is on the up'n'up, they should offer to reimburse you any expenses you've incurred in this run-around so far, but if not, tell them you expect them to send you payment to cover the cost of stopping yours if that applies. Make it clear that this is an imperative when it comes to the feedback you will leave, and what you will tell Audiogon about his member friend. And get yourself a sincere apology! These idiots should be paying you interest for all this time.

If the first guy will not give up his "buddy", BTW, persue the line of action I suggested before. In fact, do that anyway! He hasn't looked out for you in the least, and could still be conning you even if his so-called friend is unaware. Who is this guy? If he had ever intended to send it to you at all, you would have had it by now. Why the month of no action? Either his accomplice changed his mind before he allegedly went on vacation and thought you wouldn't miss your money while he lied around in the sun, or he was stringing you along for a nit-wit with seller's remorse - or the whole thing's a sham. Do not let the pressure off for a second. Best of luck!
Run and take the money!
That’s why I'm using Escrow especially for foreign purchases. Of course it's a not very fast and convenient but everybody protected.
Money has changed hands, negative feedback is certainly warranted.
I need opinions again. The guy who unsold me the Krell unit is sending my money back plus an extra $100. Should I leave feedback? If yes; what should I say? I'm still unhappy about how this went because I really didn't want the money, I wanted the phono section.
Thanks for any insight you can offer. Maybe I should have started a seperate thread for this. Let me know.
Don't even worry about that stuff until you have your money. If you get your money, even +$100, your feedback should describe your experience. Leaving positive feedback because of that would be like accepting a bribe. You deserve, if it is real, the extra money just for your time and trouble alone. He is, as you know, doing you no favors, and is probably still thinking of himself with the $100, concerned only with his feedback. Tough! Should've thought about that before he jerked you around. To be honest, I'm still worried that you're getting a story from this guy. Did he pay to overnight it? Don't let him weasel his way out of the notoriety he's got coming to him. Your feedback can mention the $100 if it's there, but should still be negative all the way. Good luck!
Ahh, hush money, the plot thickens. Option 1, take your expenses, postage, money order, etc. out of the $100.00, return the balance, leave feedback saying that he accepted payment and then sold the gear to someone else and held your money, then be prepared to fight the good fight if he leaves you negative feedback. Option 2, as Woody Allen said, "Take The Money And Run", perhaps the seller has learned the ethical error of his ways and needs a clean start. Option 3, same as option 2 except you send him the balance of the $100.00 back as in option 1. Option 1 would help to protect other members but you may find yourself in a protracted dispute. I would only keep the money only if I could do so with a clear consience. Zaikesman is ultimately correct, no sense in agonizing until the refund check clears your bank.
I got the money back today but I am still torn about what to do now. The guy deserves bad feedback but the whole story (if he told me the truth) is still complicated. The truth of the matter is I don't remember his "member name." Anybody got a Krell or Pass Labs phono section for sale???
You can get his username simply by entering his email address at the Member Lookup feature on this site. Don't sweat it about the phono section, something always comes along pretty soon around here. :-)
I got an e-mail from the guy a couple of days ago. He has been told to repost the Krell KPE reference. He asked me if I was interested. I did not respond but so far it hasn't been posted yet. I'm still considering feedback since money did change hands.
He should never have listed it if it wasn't for sale! Secondly, unless he's the owner, I question his legal right to sell to you to begin with.

You can't list on ebay and audiogon, and take the highest bidder, hey it don't work like that. I wouldn't buy the time of day from this guy. At least he was honest enough to return your money with interest, but feedback is certainly reasonable indicating that you weren't told the truth, and your money was out of pocket a LONG time before you are right back in the same position as before. 1K, ok, 1.1K and no phono.