B&W speakers for Rotel separates?

Over the last two months I updated my entire system. I am now using a Rotel-1072 CDP and Rotel-1070 amp/1070 preamp. I also want to replace the speakers; the dealer recommends B&W 704. I've spent some time listening to them in the shop, driven by my exact components, and they sound fantastic. However, I think it's worth my while to audition some other choices as well. Does anyone have any recommendations on what matches well with these components (in the $1500-1800 range)?
I helped a friend with his system and he started from scratch. He bought the system that you are listening to, and it is a great combination of strengths. It is clear without being bright, plenty of clean power and, I think, great components for the money. Good Luck!
Glad to hear that, Tgrisham. Do you know if he's using specialty speaker cable?
He popped for an in-wall bulk Audioquest because he ran it under the floor crawl space (150 year old house) and up through the floor, about a 25 foot run each side. We made sure he stayed away from the electrical lines as much as possible. No pretty cables, but neither he nor I are into expensive speaker cables, either. Good luck!
I have the Rotel 1070 amp & preamp too. I was considering the B&W 703 until I auditioned the N804 (@$100 more /speaker). I went with the N804 since they were discontinued (C series). They get delivered this weekend. Now, I need to find proper cables.