B&K Amp Modifications ??

Hi, I'm not looking to purchase other amps, just need to know who to consider for the job. Someone who really knows the know.
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What mods are you looking to do ? As an owner of three ST-140's and an hour away from Buffalo (home of B&K) try them first.My three will be going back to be mono bloc'd for my front three ch.And rebiased to match.Which means I get to buy two more.....
Actually, I have the latest (at that time) M-200's and was thinking about having some of the internals reworked (power supplies, caps, wiring etc.)
To get improved parts (Blackgate Caps etc)etc, ttry www.musicalconcepts.com. I have no personal experience with them but have heard good things about them. Let us know what you decide on and what the results are.

Good luck.
Thankyou,.................. anyone else to consider ?
Circle Stereo (circlestereo.com).
William Green. He's good. Very good.
Has anyone heard of the PAC version of the st-140. I have one and one channel is dead.

Eight months later, ya never know when your old thread pops back up to the surface !!
I never heard of the PAC version of the ST-140 Bob, you might want to call B&K and talk to Jerry the tech man, nice guy, he'd probably be able to tell you more about it.
On a side note: My M-200's sound totally awsome !
They have a big tube sound and easefullness not associated with many solid state amps in addition to a huge soundstage and vice-grip bass.
I'm glad I sent them to John at Musical Concepts, his mods are everything they say and then some.