Von Schweikert modifications VR4 or 6 to VR5 or 7?

Has anyone had the modifications offered now by Von Schweikert under his new California company from VR4 modified to VR-5, or old VR6 modified to VR7? The first mod is $2,500, the latter $4,000. I have both VR4 and VR6 and am considering the upgrades, but they are pricey.
Did the 4 to 5 upgrade when it first came available. Love the sound I have now, but when you're without your speakers for a month, it's hard to compare new to old. although I'm not unhappy, don't know that its the most bang I've ever gotten for the buck. But overall impression is tighter with more bass, still a great midrange, though not as in your face as before; actually I think I miss that. with tightness -clarity, you usually lose a little warmth. Cardas has done the same thing with their golden refs interconnects, I like their golden hexs better, more warmth, less clarity; i think when you gain one you lose the other, i think the analogy holds true on the speaker upgrade. So hard to tell though without side by side. I'd look for a cheap pair of upgrades on audiogon, and then sell off the ones you don't like(no, I'm not selling mine) they're pretty cheap out there. I still love mine, wouldn't think of parting with them, but I said that before the upgrade. sorry to not be of much help. I wish i could go back and compare the two side by side. good luck. Odz
A man after my own heart. Not afraid to be honest. Wish there were more here. I have had similar problems when there was a time period between---.
Listen to the new VR4.III Special Edition by Albert (www.vonschweikert.com), it may be your next and last speaker, it will be mine! Easily the best speaker I've heard under 10K, which was also the sentiments of 2 dealers I heard them at with very impresse showrowms, and I even favored it to $25K Wilsons 7's. The VR4SE's must be heard to be believed, at $6K new, just as all other models have been, it is the best kept secret in audio.
I sent my in and got them back in Nov.
In the meantime, I was using my VR3's in the main rig, and these sound a lot like the 4's just not as room filling.

When I first got them:
- the good: highs were more extended and detailed, but not harsh. Imaging was very very good.

- the bad: they sounded compressed at low and mid volumes, really needed to crank them before they opened up. Power hungry, had to turn volume to max to get them to sing.

Since then, the have broken in nicely. Haven't been playing the very loud, as is recommended for full break in by Albert. Have about 150 hours on them.

They now sound better at lower volumes, and they require less power. Now they actually seem more efficient than before the upgrade.

Over all sound is more liquid, more, ah I'd say "together."
Bass is excellent. Deep and controlled.
Mids are nice and solid.

Overall, for 3k including the shipping, a very good upgrade.
My understanding, from conversing with others who've made the swap, is that they still have some time to go before the fully break in.
Well, I'm happy with them now so if they get better, then all the er... better.

OK, one downer:
The folks handling the speakers at VSA beat them up. Chipped a piece off one speaker, dented the top of another, spacers (between modules) way out of alignment.
Still haven't heard back from VSA on this.
Too bad, as the product is excellent but for 3k I'd expect a bit more of gentle touch.

I picked up some used VR4s and had the upgrade; I'm very, very happy with the improvement. It's simply amazing. YMMV, mine were older than the most current VR4's. I can't compare the new HSE's to the 4/5 upgrade, since I haven't heard the HSE.
As far as the upgrade's impact on my old VR 4: Everything is better! I love it. I took the time to break them in, and it makes a huge difference. I've listened to a lot of $$$ speakers, including the Meadowlarks, that just don't compare IMHO. I am hereby out of the market for speakers; there's nothing even close to how great these are for the price. If I had a friend looking for good speakers in the <$10k category, these would be my recommendation.