AV123 Mini; Salk HT3; Devore Gibbon Super 8

Has anyone heard any two or all of these speakers and can provide comparison for sound and build quality?
I am curious too. Considering selling my B&W for a set.
I'll be able to tell you guys pretty soon,im getting the Mini's,and im going to hear the HT-3's and the Super 8's here in the next few weeks,I should have some impressions for those who are interrested.Personally from the pricerange that most people Say the HT-3's play in it doesent really seem like the Mini and the Super 8 will be able to compete with them,even though both of these speakers perform well above their pricepoints,but HT-3's are touted to play in the super speaker tier,which is a huge jump even if the Super 8's and Mini's perform better than triple their price,which their both said to.
The HT3 are speakers that are touted to compare well with $10K speakers, I think that the HT3 (based on reviews from respected sources) are probably above the realm of the Strata Mini (sad to say).

I havent heard the HT3 though, so take my comment with a grain of salt, but I do own the Strata Mini.

And the Strata Mini is one heck of a speaker! I can only imagine how good the HT3 is based on the feedback I have read of this particular speaker.

Jc51373; I have heard the B&W 804S speakers locally. Which do you have?
I look forward to Tawaundabomb's feedback. The Super 8's and HT-3's appear to be competitive in price point depending on which Ht-3 options you buy. I am also curious about build quality as the 8's and Ht-3's are hand made in U.S. versus Mini's which are not.
I don't have the signatures, or the newer Diamonds. Mine are about 3 years old, mint shape, but after seeing the price point on the super 8's and considering my musical tastes have developed a new speaker might be the way to go.
Joey v: I read your comparison of the Strata Mini to the ML Summit's on another forum and that prompted my question here. I have heard the ML Clarity's and thought their soundstage was impressive. I am thinking to go to the Rocky Mountain AF this year to hopefully hear all of these and others. Thanx for the feedback!
I own the HT3's very revealing, tonally balanced, well imaging speaker
One thing I can say,I just got the Mini Strata's today,and their much much more impressive than I thought they would be,and beleive me I've listened to many many high dollar speakers,and these at least perform strongly at 6k,i mean at least,their isnt even anything close at their price.And people this is fresh out of the box with a SP-3 tube intergrated amp thats fresh out of the box,when they really break,I think they will be very special indead,and the build quality is astounding at this price and far above.

I already own 2 great monitors for reference the ACI Sapphire XL's and Epos M12.2 and both punch far above their price,the Mini's are far above both.I've also owned some more good speakers here's some of the ones I've owned:

Ohm Walsh 2
Focal Cobalt 816S
Focal Electra 926
Totem Model 1 Sigs
Totem Forest
Totem Arro
Polk Lsi 15
Odyssey Epiphony
Wharfedale Evo 40
Meadowlark Keistral

And all of these were very good at their price,and they handily outperform all of these,im a big fan of the B&W 804,the only one of the B&W's I like,which could'nt outperform my Electra 926's not many under 8k could from what I heard ,and I feel the Mini's beat them in any way,the 804's wont be able to mach up,I doubt the Super 8 would be able to match them either,neither just arent gonna play full range enough,but im still going to hear them anyway along with the Dali Helicon 400's which will play a little lower and be better comp.The HT-3's I cant wait to hear,even if the Mini's dont outperform them,which is likely,the Mini has to be the best speaker value out there,well fellas stay tuned i will have more in the coming days and weeks.....
As an HT3 owner, I reiterate what Audiotomb said and I'll add the gorgeous wood cabinetry and superb craftmanship to go along with it.

Glad you found my review helpful! That's what this hobby is all about... helping others!

Glad you like the Minis, they're good speakers arent they?

I also own the Salk Veracity HT 3's and they are the finest speakers that I have every heard.
Your right about that 1musiclover Jim Salk is a god when it comes to woodwork,and all the drivers are top class,and he has a magician in his corner for the crossover in Dennis Murphy,its pretty hard for them to be anything but world beaters,but the things the Mini's can do for half of the of the HT-3's already low price is amazing,and the Mini's had their own guru's at work on them to in Danny Richie and Mark Seaton.I cant wait to hear the HT-3's and Rick Craig of Selah Audio's 3-D and Danny Richie's LS-6's and OB-7's,im still gonna listen to the Super 8's and the Dali Helicon 400's although i know the Super 8's wont go deep enough in the bass the 400's may come up a bit short to, a listen to the Usher lineup is in order to.
Joey,truthfully I didnt expect the Mini's to be anywhere near as good as they are,but they are stunning and a absolute steal at their price,definetly a heafty contender up to about 5k to 8k,are you still listening to yours or have you went back to the Summits yet?
I go back and forth between the 2... lately, I've had on my Summits again, but a few weeks ago, it was mostly the Minis. The Minis are good speakers, but once you get up there, there's quite a lot of contenders in the >$5K range if you look. I've had several people (audiophile friends and acquaintances) come by my place and listen to both speakers... and the consensus is always the same each time. The Minis are good, and the Summits are something else entirely.

Glad you enjoy the Minis!

So these Strata's are the real deal huh? Interesting, since right now I am auditioning lots of contenders in the $3-$5K range. Dynaudio, Devore, etc...I have the 804 b&w now but have the urge for something else. Will look harder at the Strata.
I own the HT3's and heard the Mini Strata's at RMAF this past year. While not exactly a fair comparison (home vs. show), I didn't feel that the Strata's would compete with the HT3's.

The Strata speakers will not have the same level of dynamics, resolution, and refinement. That being said, they are silly good for their $2k price - I honestly don't know how Mark does it!!

As for the HT3's...they were my main speaker for the past two years and have only recently been replaced by a pair of Vandersteen 5A's. Yes, I really did have to move way up to the 5A to find a speaker that improved on the well balanced sound of the HT3.

You can find lots more info on both the HT3 (over at AudioCircle.com) and the Strata (AV123's own forum).

I haven't had the pleasure of hearing the Devore speakers.