av123 x-sls encore tower vs Polk TSi-300?

Hi, this is for a small system for movies and music in a small bedroom. I plan to drive them with an Onkyo 606 reciever.

Both of these can be had for ~$400/pair. I briefly heard the Polks at CC, and they sounded decent to me. The setup was horrible, unfortunately, but they seemed to image pretty well and were dynamic.

The av123 looks good on paper, er, browser, but I wonder if anybody has compared them to Polks. They are a bit bigger than the Polks. The Polks have two mid drivers vs one larger driver on the av123. I think they both use silk dome or fabric tweeters.

Thanks for any info.
OK, I'll throw in some more options in case anybody has experience with them:

Athena LS 500B
Energy C-300
Polk RTi8