Does anyone own the new AV123 Focus LS speakers?

I'm not sure if these are inproduction yet, but I read a 'pre-view' review of the LS8? and am very intriqued.

Anyone actually own a pair and/or have heard these?

These are not shipping yet. I'm on the pre-order list, so I'll be among the first to get a production pair. They will be competing against my new Merlin VSM MXe's. Only one will stay.
That will be a tough order to be sure. Yes, please get back to us with your impressions (or better yet a review!) when you get an opportunity. Will be interesting as you are going to a completely different type of reproduction (line source vs. point source).
I have a custom made pair of the LS9, check my system for pics and I had the prototype LS6 for over a year. Let me know what I can share with you about either.
Aurthursmuck -- how do they sound?? What speakers did they replace and what speakers have you owned in the past?
The cabinetry and networks on my 9's are quite different from what will be in the stock AV123 offering, FWIW. The LS-6 I had were pretty close to what the stock product will be.

These are terrific speakers. Fast, very dynamic with good extension at both ends. The low end takes a bit of work to get right, but nothing major, and is remarkable given the 6.5" drivers used, albeit a dozen of them on each side. Danny Richie designs always excel in the midrange and these are no different, vocals are just killer. They throw a really nice soundstage in both width and depth. Image layering is capable, but I've heard better in other speakers, Merlins being one example Goatwuss. The overall performance is really top notch though. They do like some power despite their sensitivity ratings. The 6 or 9 are a very good deal at what AV123 is offering them at.

I had Dunlavy SCIV-A's prior to the prototypess and B&W N802's prior to those...
Thanks Aurthursmuck - awesome looking system you have too BTW.
No worries and thanks for the kind words. If you're ever near Fort Worth and want to hear them, just drop me a line.