"Automatic For The People" on vinyl

A company I'm not very familiar with called Craft Recordings recently released REM's Automatic on vinyl.
Anybody have any experience with this recording?
No. I have the original pressing and while I like the music, the SQ is not the best. So, I doubt this one would be any better.
SQ aside, this is one of my favorite REM albums!
No experience with the record but for some reason this album always sounded great on tape, good on cd and terrible on the high res download that I spent $18 on. Not sure why... 
I bought the 25th anniversary vinyl pressing 6 weeks ago but have not spinned it yet. I know there still out there so you now have another choice.
I do know some of the original pressings had issues on the song Nightswimming. A warbbly sound in the recording.

Many thanks for the response.