Aurum Acoustics Integris CDP

Was wondering if any fellow goner's could indulge a bit on this particular player. Thanks in advance...
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I have it and have been very impressed in the 3 or so months that I have had it. Very transparent and musical and very resolute,tight bass. The bass is perhaps not as weighty as the AR CD7, but I am not lacking in any way. Superior to my old AA Capitole Reference in almost every way (I now have a Prestige SE to do SACD duties for me, and leave the Integris to do the CD's). Plus Derrick is an absolute pleasure to work with- always available to answer questions.
The Soundstage and Ultra audio reviews are quite accurate in their descriptions of the Integris CDP.
I received mine recently and would totally concur with Vargas. I'm very impressed and satisfied. A top quality cd player.