Amazing Speakers-Aurum Cantus

I recently purchased a pair of Aurum Cantus-Magic Flute speakers from a European store and I have to say that they're absolutely amazing! Unfortunately I can only describe in words which will never do any justice as to how the amount of bass and full range of tone the speakers offer it sounds as if i am sitting directly in front of a 100+ pc orchestra and/or 12 pc jazz band. Long story short i am extremely impressed by luster and sound which is offered by Aurum Cantus and i really can't express how amazed i am by these speakers.

Also please send me your feedback from your experience
Congratulations on your new speakers!! Hope you enjoy them for many years.
Can you tell me/us a bit more about the speakers? Are they floor standers or monitors? Did you audition them before purchasing them? What were your previous speakers these replaced? Finally , what is your amplification and other components? How much do these retail for?
Here's a pic of the magic flute.

It looks like a 10 inch carbon fiber woofer, 5 inch carbon fiber mid and the Aurum cantus ribbon tweeter.
Wrong link.
Here's the right link to a pic of the Magic Flute speakers.
Just saw on the site, it uses a 12 inch carbon fiber woofer, 6.5 carbon fiber mid and 2 tweeters.
One in the front and rear.
It looks like an alluminum ribbon tweeter in the rear and
the front tweeter kind of looks like a air motion transformer tweeter, similar to the one used on the Eficion F300.
Here's a pic of the Eficion speakers.
I've not heard the Magic Flutes, but I own AC Leisure 3 which have a very similar mid driver (which the Eficion also uses), with the AC G3si tweeter. It is a very refined sounding speaker that should get more respect stateside. Looking at the magic flutes, I would think they are a sizeable step up in range and quality, and the looks of course are top notch, which makes for an easier sale to spouses. Mine loves the Leisure 3 in "her" bedroom.