Is anyone familiar with the Aragon Aurum preamplifier?

Hi once again - 

I'd really like to know if anyone remembers or is familiar with the Aragon Aurum preamplifier.

I'd love to hear any opinion on this piece of equipment.

thanks in advance...


I own an Aurum and it's accompanying Ingot; as well as an Aragon 47K phono Pre.

The Aurum is a fairly rare beast these days.

The build quality is second to none -- in fact I have an ad slick from when it was new and Aragon's tag line was "The Aurum is worth it's weight in Gold".

Under the cover, of course, is the Penny and Giles volume control which is oil damped, and really cool.  (I have a Goldpoint Attenuator that would more than likely outperform the P&G, but can't bring myself to make a change).

The thing has a HUGE ground plane, and the circuitry, build, etc is stunning.

The separate Ingot power supply provides the avenue for making this thing dead quiet-- not a peep of extraneous noise, dead quiet I say. (the ground plane sure doesn't hurt.) I think the plane the 47K has is equal or larger.. but I digress. LOL

I find the Aurum a very fast pre, as well as mighty dynamic. Definately not warm, but not clinical-- I remember when I first got it, I was like wow this thing is quick. :) 

It does have quite a bit of gain (was looking for some of the specs but seem to have misplaced my notes...

Speaking of specs, and such-- It has been a while since I searched, but finding a service manual, and full schematic seems pretty futile ....

I remember a few years ago Aragon was restarted by, I believe a company named Indy something-- I don't know if they are still around or if they provide any support or knowledge.

I have had it paired with some funny matches, that have worked surprisingly well -- mostly with a Mcintosh MC2505 -- Pretty impressive for what most would think a mismatch. <-- me as well, after all, Synergy is everything... to me at least.

Lately I have had it paired with a pair of 2a3 Set monoblocks --  the monoblocks, have become the weakpoint.

Soon to be back to the McIntosh -- Oh the neighbors are gonna love it-- NOT.


As far as looks -- a guy named ROBBI did the design work for a lot of Aragons products of the era, and you will see his name on the stuff he designed.

When people first see my Aurum --- "What is THAT?" they ask, because its very deep and very wide and the face is, well Aragon.

And yes I find the Aurum look sexy as hell ......  maybe I was just listening to .... aww nevermind--

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