How is Aurum Beta S better than V15VxMR?

I recently upgraded to the Shure, and I'm enjoying it. But in numerous comments on threads here and at and audioasylum I've seen people say that the Aurum Beta S is a step up from the Shure. Can anyone who's owned them both tell me how the Aurum's sound differs from the V15? Why is it the next step up in MM? (I listen on a Thorens TD-320/Gram Amp 2SE, Cayin TA-30, and Klipsch RB-5II's, although I have a pair of GMA Europas arriving today.) Thanks, Rich
I have owned both. (It has been a while since I owned the Shure, but that said it was the older version which many also say is better than current stock.) Pulling from my memory, the Shure seems to be well balanced but just does not have the PRaT of the Aurum Beta S Wood that I owned just a few months ago. The S Wood is more dynamic and has more life. That said, I also found that it still suffered in not presenting a LIFELIKE sound in my system. Great recording yes, but I want things to sound as real to hearing music in a nightclub as possible. High output MC designs of the Benz family have been in my system in the past, and I liked them in a number of ways. MC just seems to be the better sounding design than MM, maybe a little brighter to some peoples taste, and not as evenly balanced as the MM. But live music is often such, tilted up in the vocal presentation. Looking at my budget and choices, I struck a balance of upgrading my phono stage to an EAR 834P with a mod by Mitch, and Amperex and 5751 tubes, and then a Denon 103R cartridge. Everyone said the Denon was "a poor man's Shelter 501" so I thought this may be the road to happiness. The Shelter is credited with a "you are there" type of presence, and the Denon does this also better than any other cartidge I have owned. Someday I hope to upgrade to a Shelter 501 and get it all.

Again, I also owned the Gram 2SE, and it is a great little phono amp, so if that is what you need for now with your budget, etc., then try the S Wood, or a High Output Benz, cause the Denon is a low output cartridge. Write if questions, as I have struggled with my turntable and others have helped me, and MAN, I am loving the sound from my LP's. Kicks my CD player all over the place.

By the way, I owned Gram Slee Mk. V also in the past. So if you have any questions, write.

Good Luck!!!!!! And make sure you get your azimuth DEAD ON.