Auric Illuminator Kit

Does this product really work?
When I first upgraded to a higher-end system, I heard how unforgiving it was of poorly recorded cd's (mostly rock). I tried the Auric Illuminator (AI) and it definately improved the sound. Quietier background and smoothed out the rough edges in the high range. The treated cd's sounded really good in my auto's cd player. The AI isn't a magic solution for poorly recorded cd's, but it made them playable again. And I appreciated that.
It really does.Try it out you wont regret me if you are interested.
Try it, so cheap you really should, use duplicate CDs to compare effect as I have. Shows most improvement on average or worse recordings, smooths out digital glare/grain in treble with no detail loss.....I have treated 1/2 of my rock/alt CDs to good effect, already good recordings I don't apply AI as the improvement is harder to detect.
I did get some loss of detail with the Auric Illuminator, most noticeable as a "smearing" of individual piano notes. I tried Optrix, and the same passages became clearer w. respect to attack and decay.
I've been using the Illuminator for a couple of weeks now and would highly recommend it. I won't play a disc without treating it, and on many discs improvements are dramatic. My system is certainly not high end, but it's pretty decent and I have found that the Illuminator works very effectively to eliminate a lot of digital glare and harshness (I have a good analogue front end) and I would agree with the remark that it tends to give digital a much more "analogue" like delivery. To me that's good, but it may not be to everyone's liking. I have also heard (as the above post says) that it may obscure detail. I don't really agree with that but everyone has to listen for themselves. I find that I'm much less of a "detail" freak than I used to be 10 or 15 years ago and more interested in musicality and a coherent presentation of the music (I want to hear something that approaches live music). I would trade off a little detail for a more relaxed presentation. In this sense, I think the Illuminator works very well and if you don't like it, you can wash it off, throw it away and you've only lost $35. Sounds like an audio bargain to me!