Auricle Audio Design encore kapton vs. anti-ICs

They seem similar in approach and market positioning. Anyone compared them?
Own the Kaptons. Never heard Antis. But Kaptons wire is copper/silver alloy. Believe Antis are only copper. Kaptons are THE ONLY wire with silver I like. Never liked any silver plated wires at all of the few I heard. Can say the Kaptons are very organic in sound.
Had a brief stint with the Anti-Cables several systems ago. I returned them. Can't really remember what the deficiencies were now. Recently purchased the Encore Kaptons and really and I really like their open clear sound.
Joe Mazzaglia's Encore kapton analog IC's are among the all-time greatest values on Audiogon each time they appear for auction.
In addition to the analog IC, he sells an Encore Signature digital IC which is quite stunning musically, and I consider it the price-to-performance digital IC champion.
Hand crafted by a real audio perfectionist, who remains a very nice guy.
I have only heard anti-IC's outside my own systems, but did not hear as good a three dimensional illusion of full bodied rich sounding musicians.
I bought 1 dig sig. cable from Joe and upon hearing it, instantly ordered another with a pair of Kaptons, and a pair of ref. jax.
The Kaptons are far and away the best sounding IC's I have heard for the money.
Joe knows cables, and is an outstanding seller to deal with!
Can't comment on the Anti-cables, I had a pair of the speaker cables and sold them.
Forgot to mention like Pep21 that Joe was a super nice guy to buy from too.
I am using Auricle cables exclusively in my system. These include his silver kaptons connecting my cd and turnable phono to my preamp. The preamp to amp has the copper kaptons and speaker wires. I also have Joe's powercable.

Together these cables have a synergy with my tubed system that I have not previously experienced. I have tried many silver cables in the past, but I really love Joe's silver kapton's as his best offering to date. His powercord is also a real eye opener as well.

Joe's products are a extreme high value.
Wow! now that's impressive

From Auricle:
"Your cables have been built, and will spend 24 hours in my reference system prior to shipping.

I will provide a tracking number as soon as they ship (likely, Wednesday morning, unless they fail to meet my standards).

Thanks again for trying my cables!"
Yes, Joe is awesome.
Thanks, guys! :)

I just love listening to music and improving the sound of my own system.

That I am able to pass this along to others at a decent price, well, that's just part of a good business.

Sure, I could probably mark-up the cables to $750+ a set, and retire at 50. Will I? No way.

Regards, Joe @ Auricle (***Please note, I have changed our user name to auricleaudiodesign as of August, 2012***)