Audience Telfon Auricaps

I am contemplating replacing the auricaps in my Air Tight ATE-2001 Pre-amp and ATM-211 power amps with the new teflon caps. Has anyone tried the telfon auricaps? How do they compare to other caps like the blackgates and the paper-in-oil caps?
I've Audience Auri-T caps in a deHavilland Mercury 3 preamp I like quite a lot. The effect is transparency with finesse, some say clarity. I haven't heard Blackgates, though their reputation is formidable. Finally, paper-and-oil caps can impart a richness and lushness to a sound, a certain kind of organicism, especially in power amps, but they can also cause a kind of sluggishness. I have them in a pair of monoblocks I'm using now and they're wonderful, but used in conjunction with an Auricap and two Jensen oil caps. I know the Air Tight equipment and my guess is that you might like the Auri-T Teflon caps, but I'd hesitate re the paper-and-oil, as those may change the sonic signature of the Air Tight electronics too much, taking away liveliness, top-end extension, resolution, and speed. I had an ATM-2 for many years and loved it--stock! I wish I'd have had the sense to get an Air Tight preamp like the ATC-2 to drive it, but I sold it before I figured out that it might've performed best with its own preamp. You're smarter than me!
RE: The AuriCaps- What Mr B said, +1. Ditto his comments, RE: Paper in oil as coupling caps(unless you enjoy the colorations/lack of PRaT they offer). Enough of them, combined as a filter bank in a power supply, can add dynamics/effortlessness in a power amp. Black Gates/Rubycon are wonderful in power supplies, but no longer being manufactured. Some suppliers still have large enough values of old stock to be used in a pre amp though.
I have Aura T teflons, Rel-cap teflons, V-cap teflons and two types of Russian teflons and some teflon hybrid cap. Any capacitor that uses teflon dielectric shares the same sonic trait. The midrange will be pronounced. Enhanced transparency, resolution + dynamics, IME is quite variable. You may think that you hear the above three enhancements but in reality its not that dramatic.