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Transformers .. Is It Just Me?
Any new updates on with the Olympus Isolation Transformers? 
Transformers .. Is It Just Me?
Hi Ozzy -- notice you have the Core Power Tech 1800 as well.  I'd be interested in your thoughts re. Core Power vs. the Olympus transformers.  If you have the time and inclination.  Thanks! 
Experiences with 47 Laboratory products?
No one else seems to be responding, so, while I can't directly answer your questions, perhaps I can provide some directional input. I have the Gaincard S -- 50 watt version. It replaced an ARC VT 100 Mk. II, largely for heat and space reasons, and... 
Auric Illuminator Kit
I did get some loss of detail with the Auric Illuminator, most noticeable as a "smearing" of individual piano notes. I tried Optrix, and the same passages became clearer w. respect to attack and decay. 
Auric Illuminator, Optrix, others
Tried both Auric and Optrix. Optrix provides more detail from untreated CD with no "highlighting" of any frequencies that I can detect, while Auric appears (in my system) to obscure some detail from midrange through treble. I use only Optrix, now.... 
Shahinian Acoustics Loudspeakers
I had a pair of Obelisks for over five years, and traded up to ProAc 2.5's. I have two observations. First, the biggest difference between the Obelisks and the ProAc's is that the Obelisk's woofer is slower, which affects bass transient response. ...