AudioPrism Quiet Lines

Does anyone use these power conditioning products?? do they really work or make a difference....and could they be used on an unused switched outlet on the back of my NAD c350...or would that be detrimental in some way?
Yes, I use them and have 8 in a 2500 sq ft house. The effect
is somewhat subtle yet very positive. Ambient retieval and
distribution in the sound space is improved. On really
excellent recordings the sound wraps around the listening
sweet spot to the point that it has a surround sound feel
minus the liabilities. Overall, I feel that it is a great
product that can take an already great system a step further.
Agree with Brauser, I also have at least eight, maybe more. The effect is subtle but they do remove some background noise and interference from other household electric's as well as some radio frequency noise.

Just as important as helping, Quiet Lines do no harm.

Most conditioners make a sonic difference, but you eventually realize you've traded one problem for another.
Quiet Lines can definitely help, but they will never give you the same benefits of having properly filtered, narrow-bandwidth, non-current limited AC. Tbey are additive by nature i.e. the benefits become more apparent as you use more of them in the house.

If you want to read an "over the edge" commentary about parallel line filtering, take a look at Dave Magnan's comments. Believe me, no parallel line filtering of any type can come even remotely close to having a REAL series filtration system on the incoming AC lines. Yes, they are beneficial, no, they are not a cure-all. Sean
I agree with above, make modest improvement without hurting sound. Blue Circle makes more expensive similar product "Noise Hound" that works even better......I have two Noise Hounds and set of 8 Quiet Lines placed at key outlets as noted in product directions.
It's the CHEAPEST way to get slightly better, cleaner sound. I have only ONE of these plugged in, and I can hear it's contribution.
The lights in my wife's laundry room used to blink & flutter when the washing machine was going. One quiet line on the same outlet as the machine brought it down to a barely noticeable flutter. They do work. I also put one on the fridge (obvious place) and directly on the AC recipticle where the amp plugs in. Definite improvement on the amp, primarily in the midrange textures and dark backgrounds in the highs without any compression of dynamics.

Yes they work. I was a non-beleiver until a dealer loaned me their Noise Sniffer and some filters last weekend. I was surprised to find that some of my components generated noise. The worst culprits in the house were the light dimmers on the dining room and breakfast room lights which the Quiet line filters were unable to totally remove (thankfully these lights are not normally on when I listen. My receptacles in the stereo room are on a single breaker, but the noise from the dimmer switches went all over the house.
I also had a Monster AV power bar which worked very well to remove the noise. Once I identified with the Sniffer where the filters shoud be used, I was able to hear an improvement in smoothness and a "blacker" background with even one filter in the circuit. I ended up using the Monster plus 4 filters.