Audioprism antenna

Does anyone know where I can purchase ab audioprism antenna...I would like the 8500 but will take any of the others....thanks for any help you can provide....Mike
Hello Mike, I can't help you with the Audioprism, though I did find a very useful and consise FM antenna guide at
I use a Magnum Dynalab Signal Sleuth withe their ST-2 outdoor antenna (Magnum Dynalab 106-T Tuner) with very good results.

I own an Audioprism 8500 and I can tell you without any reservation that it is the finest antenna I have ever owned and there are not many that I have not tried at one time or another. There is simply nothing and I do mean nothing, that can better it except perhaps a roof mounted rotary type.

I can well imagine the difficulty in obtaining a used one as they are no longer made. I drove 450 miles each way to pick this one up as I would not want it shipped and it is one of my most significant and rewarding audio purchases I have ever made.

If you get lucky and find one for sale don't hesitate, buy it and you will be happy you did.
So far I have found 2 6500 that I purchased but I really want the 8500...still looking ....the hunt is on....thanks for all that reply....mike