Who carries audioprism cd stoplight in 94583 zip ?

Or nearby San Ramon area in CA. Need info... much appreciated, visiting over the weekend.
Not trying to blow the wind out of your sails, but why do you want one?

Because it's basically a cardboard-like material, mine would continually slip and many of my CD's wouldn't play. I threw mine away after it slipped, got stuck and jammed my Theta Data Basic II. The tech at Theta asked me to quit using it because they were seeing a lot of problems stemming for its use.

I bought a Herbie's CD Mat that is made of a material that sticks to the CD and it sounds better than the CD Stoplight did. I've been using it now for over two years.

Just my two cents.
Krell man is off in LALA land? The Cd stoplight is a fluid in a pen applicator and not anything near 'cardboard'.
I have discovered that a WAYYYYY cheaper and BETTER pen is a WIDE SHARPIE PERMANENT MARKER.. in BLACK.
They are as cheap (depending on which cheapo store you go to) as $1.99 for TWO fat pens.
The ink goes on really well, and can be removed completely with drug store alcohol (for those 'slip-ups'
I was a total user of green pens.. but the loss of the original Green paint pen made me start looking for another cheap substitute for the "audiophile" (overpriced) paint pens.
The black "sharpie" marker is good on DVD's too.
Elizabeth's right, I apologize! I was referring to the AudioPrism CD Blacklight.
You can thanks Red Rose Music ( Mark Levinson) for the demise of Audio Prism and teh cd Stoplight, Quietlines, and Noise Sniffer, amung other unique and functional audio products. Of course he just "happened" to be there... it's never his fault ( or so I've heard every time a going business STOPS going after ML's involvement).
I agree with Elizabeth, if you even hear a improovement you will hear it just as well with a sharpie as with the stoplight, wich I bought, and was not blown away.
CD Stoplight and Quietline are available at Music Direct per the website.

Beware of Sharpies and any device that has a carrier that is alcohol based as they will eventually eat through the protective layer and bye bye music. CD Stoplight is water based and was engineered to be 90 plus percent absorptive at the frequency of the CD laser.