Audioprism "Quiet Line" experience

Does anyone have any experience with the Audioprism "Quiet- Line" devices. Do they significantly improve sound and suppress noise? Are they worth the money? My system seems pretty quiet to me now, I am not aware of any noise problem. Can I purchase one to try it out and realize significant improvements? Is four enough? Are eight overkill? A detailed description of just how your sound has improved by using "Quiet-Line" devices would really be appreciated. Thanks
I started with 4 quietlines and after hearing such a difference I got another 4. You can place one on the wall outlet wherever you have an appliance with a moter running fridge washer computer etc. I had several friends over to get their opinions and evrybody agreed these things really work. I think they are the best and most cost effective power filters available.
I have about a a dozen, one on any line where there is an appliance, computer or a wall wart. I even swee talked my neighbor (we share a drop off the main lines)into letting me put some in his place. They make a big difference for small bucks.
I was having problems with RFI from a hallogen lamp with a built-in dimmer switch. It was plugged into to a switched outlet. I borrowed a few Quiet Lines from my dealer and plugged them in. No difference. I then replaced the light switch on the wall with a dimmer switch and turned the lamp on high, using the new wall switch to dim the light. The noise disappeared (Quiet Lines were/are no longer in use).