audiophilleo 2

Would the audiophilleo 2 be a huge difference in sound quality compared to the highface. Using mac mini, ee minimax dac.
I haven't upgraded my USB/SPDIF converter yet, I have a Vlink right now, but from what I have read in the reviews, the A2 would be an upgrade from the hiface. I have the Audiophilleo or the Anedio in my upgrade list.
I preferred the ap2 to the hi face. I use the ap2 in my current set up.
I'm curious how it compares to an Offramp5, stock or improved. Any one have any first hand knowledge?
I've been leery of the off ramp bc (it seems) every message board I go to re: computer audio Steve is pushing his products under the guise of objective advice. It just gets so annoying. But I imagine it's probably a good product. I will say that the ap2 with a high quality USB cable is very very good and I have no desire to upgrade that part of my system.
Independent Off-Ramp 5/Audiophilleo 2 shootout:

The only converter that it has not been in a shootout with is the Diverter HR.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
No doubt the Off Ramps have a great reputation and a big price tag. Seems like the $500 is a pricepoint that a great converter could still be picked up at. has anyone compared the SotM DX USB and the April Music U3 to the AP2?
Also on Ebay there are 2 attractive devices one at a bit over $100 and the other at around $175... both use a asynchronous Cmedia chip, galvanic isolation and reclocks, One outputs toslink/spdif-coax, the more expensive adds balanced... I have the cheapie, I don't have anything to compare to, except it blows the socks off the USB in on my DAC that uses a Tenor chip. Affordable quality converters are hard to find. This info would be good for us all.
I'm half ready to just buy the Audiophilleo A2, the Anedio U2 and the Stello U3 and do my own shoot out, then return the 2 that didn't pass the test. The specs on all 3 of these are very similar. Not sure if anyone here knows what the differences are, if any?
I would be interested to know your thoughts realremo, im upgrading from the hiface soon. Not sure which route to take yet.
I've used the following each for a couple of months HiFace, Halide, AP2, AP2 + PurePower. AP2+PurePower is better than AP2 which was better than the Halide and HiFace.
Nkbg: You say the AP2 bested the HiFace, yet you list the HiFace as your converter on your virtual system page. Is it just that you haven't changed it yet?
Having used the AP2, JKSPDIF Mk3, Wavelink HS, and Weiss INT203 at the same time I'd say it's a matter of preference. They all sound great, but different. AP2 and Mk3, which are around the same price point, also sound the most different.
Having heard both AP and JK mk3 I can echo Eugene81 on the differencies between the two. JK is smoother and more analog like, where AP is more vivid and more resolving. Adding the PurePower battery PSU greatly improves the AP and I think that in that configuration, it is the best of both worlds.

In order of performance, I would rate all the converters involwed as follows:

AP + Pure Power
JK mk 3
Stello U3

I haven't tried the SOtM piece.
@Devilboy yes, haven't updated my system for a very long time. A lot has changed - coincidentally the only constant has been my speakers and AP2, now with PP.
Nkbg: Thanks for the input. I've been living with the AP sans the PP and LOVING it. Two questions: 1) Can I add a PP to a standalone AP2? 2) Is the improvement of adding a PP to an AP2 big?
Devilboy - the word 'big' (improvement) is very relative in this hobby :) I found the improvement to be very worthwile cost wise. The fact that you can do it in stages (first buy a regular AP 1/2 and the add PP) is another bonus.

I'm affraid you will have to send your AP for upgrade as well. They need to make an internal modification to make the PP option work.
I commented on this tread back in July. I ended up buying an Audio-gd, DI-DSP... They made several changes since this thing has been reviewed last. The reviewed models include the old TE7022(adaptive) for USB conversion and a DSP3 processor(jitter reduction). Audio-Gd changed to the TE8022(asynchronous)and updated the processor to a version 3.1. I had only compared it to very inexpensive convertors which it blew away. This past weekend a friend brought over his Wadia 121. Their presentation was similar, the Wadia had a touch more height, the Audio-gd had a touch more width. Tonal balance was similar between the 2, but the Audio-Gd has a nature to it that I'll call analog, a touch richer in the mid range that I really enjoyed. The Wadia was not dry, but in comparison, it leaned that way. Now the bad news, Kingwa has had terrible driver problems with the Tenor 8022 chip developing for Windows 8 and has already discontinued this piece until he has an answer. I use win 8 and indeed, occassionally it will fail, I restart and all is well. Don't know if its worth it for anyone to consider, it is in stock. I'd love to compare it to the Audiophilleo, my instincts are that it would compete well and it is half the price. I have no affiliation with anyone at audio-gd or any hifi company, I have just found this to be a huge value and thought I'd share.

Did you ever do that shootout between the:
Stello U2
Anedio U2
@devilboy, I tried a Vaunix USB hub with an AP2 which brought improvements to mostly bass and mids clarity. Adding the PP added more of the same but expanded the soundstage width, depth and made everything sound bigger. At that time I was using an Anedio D1 and later a Neko D100 DAC. AP2 can be upgraded to support PP.
@ Mordante, no, I didn't - I bought a musical fidelity Vlink192 and got off the merry go round. Sorry! I decided I didn't want to spend that kind of dough on a converter. I'm pretty happy with my system where it is. I've spent plenty on the front end, my next foray will be replacing the amp, but that'll be a long time coming...happy listening.
Has anyone tried the new ifi audio iUSB with the AP2? Will it even work? Just considering a more economical option versus the PP.
Been using a Xonar Essence STX in a homemade PC based server for a while via SPDIF, using High Fidelity CT1-E digital cable to connect to my LampizatOr L4 DAC, I was always aware of a hardness on vocals, it didn't matter what I did elsewhere in my system to try and remedy this glassy and hard/nasal coloration/distortion, so I took the plunge, I bought a Audiophilleo2 with PurePower, wow, bingo, not just did the midband flesh-out, the whole sound came together in ways I never thought possible considering the limitations of digital (vs analog), for the first time, the A2 + PP is making the LampizatOr sing, my sound is genuinely reminiscent of my best memories I have of the days of analog, minus the pops and all! If you’re looking to get closer to the master tape or analog’ness, look no further, the Audiophilleo will blow your socks off. It is grain-free, open, clear, has a dash of warmth through the mids without clouding resolution and goes deep in the bass with top-end that is beautifully integrated through the mids. I am using WireWorld Ultraviolet USB cable between my server and A2, I am so excited that I now ordered the Acoustic Revive USB-1.0sp to take my system to the next level.
The AP can also be improved by using Connectronics brand BNC / RCA adapters in lieu of those provided with the AP unit. They sound much better and a very inexpensive purchase from Markertek.

I also found a good coax sounds better than direct connection to the DAC. I use the BlackCat Silverstar.
The AP with Purepower upgrade is another subtle but noticeable improvement but again it all depends on your particular setup.

I ditched my Silverstar cable and went with the Direct Connection as I subscribe to the best cable is no cable school of thought. But the biggest wow moment I had was when I ditched my passive preamp and went direct connect from my DAC to the amp. My older recordings came so much more alive. I now use the Audirvana volume control. I figure just as in the no cable scenario, one less box to color the sound is another good deduction.