Mytek Brooklyn need Audiophilleo?


did someone checked if mytek brooklyn indeed need audiophilleo? I ordered this dac, it will come soon, but I don't know if Audiophilleo brings benefits when Brooklyn use femtoclock which reduce jitter a lot.

thanks for feedback
It doesn't need it. I am running a Brooklyn from a Linux PC with USB 2.0, sounds fantastic. :)

It's not so much the quality of the clock, but the circuitry around it, but you'll notice Brooklyn sounds great no matter the source type.


I thought of something after I left. Mytek DOES recommend an outboard power supply for the Brooklyn, 12V 2 Amps or more I believe are the specs.

There's even a jack on the back to connect it.



Hi Eric,

Did you managed to use mytek brooklyn with external linear power supply? You mention about 12V 2Amps, but I know that it was a discussion about power required by Brooklyn and 2 Amps were not enough. Or maybe you plug 12V 2 Amps and also you power at 220V, like doing Cyrus with their psxr source?

A 100VA external 12V power supply powers my Brooklyn. The difference with an external PS is shocking! 

The improvement is huge. You'll look back on the bare Brooklyn in disappointment.

The Brooklyn with external PS is very satisfactory!
Can I ask you what power supply you have?



Sorry, I definitely made a mistake. Mytek's manual specifies that an external supply (when used) should be 12V 4A to 6A.

I have not yet tried an external supply.


Meanwhile I received Mytek Brooklyn dac and I could test it with and without Audiophilleo 2 with pure power. It is definatelly better with Audiophilleo, even Mytek Brooklyn used femtoclock with internal jitter of 2ps. So, I will keep Audiophilleo for the moment.