Audiolab 8200CD software erased can anyone help, self destruction

The cd player displayed a message software update and then it indicated you could erase it by holding the play button.  Well it erased all the software and now the cd player is dead.  Can anyone help?  Why would the company allow you kill your player by pressing the wrong button.  Of course I feel stupid but OMG why would you have a self destruct function on a piece of audio equipment, 

Try connecting the player to a PC using the usb connection. Restart both pieces. You might get lucky and the drivers/software may auto install. Also check the manual. There may be instructions on how to reset the unit and/or install the software.
Keep me posted -jfh

Audiolab is on my list of must-demo cd players.
Try the old unplugging it and plug it back in trick. Seems silly but sometimes it works on electronics.
Perhaps contact Audiolab? 

Just a thought . . .
Thanks for the suggestions, but the unit most be reprogrammed by an authorized dealer which in this is in Canada.  Very frustrating that they would produce an item that allows the consumer to erase all the software by misunderstanding the display.  I can't recommend this CD Player.
sorta bizarre- but what can I say- the Brits like warm beer too
Hang in there -John.
keep us posted on your situation.