Audio Research Ref 6 work with Jeff Rowland 725

I just bought ARC Ref 6, it sound excellent and I love it so much.  I want to know if anybody know how does it work with Jeff Rowland 725 Mono-block amp?  Does it sound good?  I'm planning to buy a new amp to replace my 5 years old Electrocompaniet AW-180 amp. I don't want tube amp, just SS amp. thx.
For many years i had ARC SP 15 with Rowland 8t great match and sounded wonderful hope this helps. Enjoy!!
Probably not the ref 6 has an output impedance of 600 ohms which is on the high side and I believe the Rowland’s have a low impedance. This would cause severe bass roll off.
the general rule is 10X output impedance of preamp is the minimum acceptable input impedance of the amp.  Ref6 600 X 10 = 6k.  The Rowland input impedance is 40k, so should not be any issue.  There are very few amps it would not work fine with.  I have a ref6 also, great preamp!
Why not ask Christiaan Punter over at He's extremely knowledgeable about JRDG gear.
That math is not the absolute rule for every combination.  Best to ask the manufacturer.
ARC gives minimum input impedance of 20K Ohms.  I have a JRDG 625 S2 and would love to try a Ref 6, but I also need to drive a powered subwoofer and ARC is incompatible with most subs.